Friday, March 1, 2013

What Has it Gots in Its Pocketses?

In the last couple of weeks, I've dressed the kiddos as favored storybook characters.  Bean wanted to be Bilbo-be still my heart.  How I love that he is loving the story and characters. 

 For the first dress-up Bugg wanted to  be Fancy Nancy.

 Then she had a change of heart and preferred being the princess of The Princess and the Pop Star.
Bean looked ever so much more hobbitish before his haircut, but I was glad to have time to put together the little vest with wooden buttons and a pocket for the coveted ring.
As I was herding them out the door this morning, I experienced a bit of melancholy.  They are growing at warp speed. We have done so much reading, playing and crafting during this year .  I don't know how much longer things I do with them will be what they enjoy. Bean will be nine this summer.  We certainly have made many great memories.


  1. Thank you for sharing those memories with us, they are wonderful ones. I love the costumes. The Bugg would be a princess in any outfit!

  2. I feel the same way about mine growing up. They are 11, 9 and 6. The girls basically entertain each other at my house. We do a lot of crafts, too. Not like you though. Jonah just drops by now and then for a snack, a nap and some homework help.