Tuesday, March 20, 2018


It is officially Spring Break, though Mother Nature was obviously not consulted.  Snow predicted today, ewwww.  This has been a long winter.
As usual, behind on the pictures and activities happening around these parts.  A couple of weeks past, Giddy-Up and I attended a Lip Sync show featuring Missy Bugg in song after song.  What an entertaining evening.
As you are about to see, our bathroom is under construction.  On its best day, this ol' tumble down house is a mess, but it is currently particularly awful.  I had a friend in need and I didn't want to have to deal with a local restaurant to talk and share and maybe boo hoo a bit.  So, I just swallowed hard and said, "Come on over and be careful where you step."   I so appreciate those friends who can look beyond the yucck to what is sweet.

So, after dealing with getting my frail Mama in some bathrooms and in her own tub- ahem, why are there tubs in assisted living? I digress.  Anyway, we've begun the process of tearing out that wall you see straight ahead so the living room door will now be the bathroom door and the toilet will no longer be sequestered in a tiny closet.  All decisions are based on if a rolly chair fill fit.

 The tub on the left will be replaced by a walk-in shower.  Your next question might be is all this to move Mom to my house?  No.  Even with the changes, this is the only downstairs bath and still too far from a bedroom to make it work for her.  I just know that as we age, we are not always expecting the need for a rolly chair, or wheelchair until it's here and you aren't ready or able to do anything about it. So Handy Man has been busier than he has been in quite sometime. 
 I'm glad I never tried to build a house.  Just the decisions about this little bathroom are making me crazy.  Some dear friends who do this more than me and have a plumbing background are coming to dinner Friday to share wisdom with us on how to finish this up.

Our first spring activity was to make a spring bouquet from branches, jelly beans and tissue paper.
 Since my little Wayside Sassy Pants has been having long weekend visits elsewhere, I've hardly seen her.  I was happy to have her for the activity.
 Mr. Smiley says, "Pshaw"  to spring crafts, give me that drill from the bathroom.  That boy is tool crazy.

 Bean moved up to the next age group in swimming, but still made his cuts for the state meet in Indy.  I went early and spent a couple of days with  my friend, the Queen of Hospitality, who lives there. I so enjoyed the visit with her and hubby, with a side trip to her darling girl's and her sweet munchkins.  She took me on my maiden voyage to IKEA and I found the craft room of my dreams.
Bean did great moving up to the older group.
At 1:17:18 you will hear his name several times, ummm, his real name, and watch him take the lead and finish first in this group.  Not having strong athletes in our family, it is just kind of a thrill to hear them talk about him like on grown up sport programs.  I've watched this ten times.
I returned home Sunday and Spring Playdate was yesterday.  Thank the Lord, the rain held off till we had herded them all back in for a big turkey feast.
Last summer I bought stuff to start a fairy house.  We never managed to even start it.  Their interests were just elsewhere.  Yesterday,  the notion struck and stuck and we spent a couple of hours under the tree fort designing.  They have big plans to expand all the way around the tree to create a village.  How much did I love to watch this in play.

I love how one comes up with an idea that activates an idea in the next one and on it goes.  They were enchanted that there were "glow in the dark" beads and decided to create lamps to light the way.  Sassy Pants called them "glow dark beads."  They worked and worked.  Ahh, my joy. And also why my house is ever a work in progress, because, yes, I can pull glow dark beads, glue, string and tiny glass vials for potions, with lavender to go inside, right out of my hat.
 They also enjoyed riding a tiny dump truck down the hill.  I enjoy how this boy, who was so tiny on his first Playdate is now the big helper and friend to all the littles.
 I think fairies will hardly be able to wait to spend some time here.
 Bean and Bugg had school.  We are required to be in school during Holy Week, so my spring break was off from the Gramerlings.  Pap went and got them after school.  After the other littles headed home, we were able to talk all things swim and music.  Bean introduces me to new songs we both love.
 Since her spring break is not the same as mine, she'll be able to come spend the day with me at school next week.
Off to my first eye appointment in about twenty years, and then more people to see.  The weather may be cool, but spending time with my people warms my heart!  Thank you Lord for such an abundance of blessings.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Happy Little Partying Hearts

We had a big time eating pizza and Valentine treats of all types at the Valentine Ball.  Sadly, I wasn't able to get my decorator ( Ms. Bugg Interior Designs) here beforehand, so more food than decorations, but they didn't seem to mind.

Lots of dancing, dressing up and karoke.

I've always been intrigued about what rules "attraction."   Take this boy for instance.  Mr. Smiley is eat up with his Pap.  When things start getting loud and crazy, Pap makes his way to his chair as quickly as he can.  In the midst of the feasting and dancing and singing, Mr. Smiley just wants a snuggle with his Pap.  Equally sweet to me, was while I was herding cats and totally missing this encounter, Missy Bugg did not and grabbed the camera for me to see the cuteness.  

He wasn't there long, just a brief calm in the dancing storm.

So I'm trying to go through all my Holiday, Summer Camp, Art, Playdate mess.  You know, that job I hate more than the dentist, sorting, making decisions, pitching. While I was thinking about that, and looking at these pictures, I couldn't help but notice how big Pixie is and that the high chair hasn't been used in over a year.  That highchair was old when my first child used it. I'm so very blessed with so many sweeties, but it is still sad to think there won't just be one more to use that old chair. Should the chair go?  I don't think I can do it.  A dear friend of many years is in town and is coming to chat while I sort and pitch this afternoon.  A kindness for which I am grateful.
I hate to show my age, if that's what I'm doing, but, except for emergency or nonsense situations, I hate texting.  I so miss long talks with good friends.  I miss voices, with their tones and inflections.  I miss seeing a familiar script on a card.  Recently a friend I seldom get to see, sent me a beautiful card about the call to teach.  Just that she took the time is so dear, and then the note in her very own hand- love.
It has rained here for days. I'm beginning to fear that my beautiful raised garden bed, is going to to sink in the mire that is my side yard.
This is ISTEP angst week.  Three days this week and then again in May- grrrrrrrrrrr.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Once in Blue Moon

I'm kind of excited to see the moon in the morning.   A blue/red moon.
Today I was certainly out and about in the community.  It is Catholic's School Week and we again visited the knitting group where Mom lives. The kiddos meet with them in the big community room and more and more folks trickle in as the afternoon goes on. They aren't there to knit, just to visit.  There was someone new to me from Germany who shared with the children that when she grew up every Wednesday night was Family Night.  Everyone gathered together and fixed any torn items or knitted/ crocheted the evening away.  Mom has really gotten more and more glued to her chair of late.  In addition, yet another UTI and an antibiotic that is making her sick.  I was surprised that she came down to join us, but she did.  She loves to hear the kids sing and see them sign.

After school I was off across the river to pick up the Congolese refugee I mentor.  Catholic Charities was hosting a letter writing campaign.  We went to dinner first.  Noella doesn't know much English, but she has an easy laugh and tries hard.  I was singing "You are My Sunshine" to Ivonne and the second time through she joined in and picked up the tune and then words so quickly.

 Cutie patootie.
I so enjoyed the gramerlings on New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.  I made the traditional food and it just seemed to be particularly lovely.  When everyone made their exit, I laid down for nap and woke up with a fever that persisted five days and the absolute worse sinus inflammation I have ever in my life experienced.  It lasted three weeks and today, something is starting again, thankfully, no fever.
Between Catholic School's Week, Open House, and my sixteen kiddos I'm tutoring four mornings a week, oh yeah, and teaching all day, I am kind of worn out!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello, 2018

Wow, it is here and with it the time to go back to school already.  I did accomplish a few things. The playroom is clean and I made room in the closet for Christmas stuff.  Next up is the upstairs.  This is my last day home, but either allergies or sinus or something has plagued me this break. In spite of sending eviction notices via extra C, elderberry, hot tea, rest and nose spray, whatever it is has decided it is quite comfy squatting between my eyes.  Anywhoo, that is a good excuse not to stir up more dust and possible allergens, ahem.
It is cold.  2 degrees when I got up this morning.  I don't think we had any weather like this last winter.
So I ordered a fine coat for our shorthaired SamWise.

Yeah, he won't wear it.  He doesn't mind his sweater- what I mean is he comes in with the sweater still on, but the coat lasts about two minutes.  Ahhh, more than one way to skin a cat.  Today I put the sweater over the coat.  The fact that it is only 17 degrees and he's been out longer than five minutes, must mean I've found the solution.  He loves to be outside, chasing squirrels and making nice with the neighbor's dog, but this is just too much. We've upped his food, as he's burning it up.  We keep a close eye on the time he's out chasing things.  I don't worry much as long as he has on a coat and is moving. 
He didn't even ask to go out this morning until 11:30. Likely depressed that his buddy is missing after babysitting him on the couch for past week and a half.
Well, New Year's Eve was definitely too cold for an outside fire.  Since Giddy-Up was too sick for the movie date, he joined Bean and Bugg for New Year's Eve.  Pap and Bean watched Jumanji, while Bugg and I watched Ferdinand again with Giddy-up.  That Bugg and Giddy-Up are just the most holiday fun.  I waited to open a game and a couple of gifts from Pap, so they could be a part.  They love everything.  I'm afraid I've lost Bean to his phone.  He surfaces to eat
Can I say this is the most junk stuff I've ever purchased at one time.  I don't get it. I don't like any of it, bleah.
and smile at the camera,
 and he does enjoy poppers
and things like setting up my jelly fish tank.
I like him being here, so that will have do.

 Miss Bugg still finds the sparkling grape juice too sparkly. Giddy-Up on the other hand, loved it and said, "Is this kefir?"  Hmm, sort of, not exactly.

 First thing in the New Year, we went out to see if our bubbles would freeze.

 They did, but it took a minute.

Next up, Blessing Gems.

Bean slept through all the morning festivities.

Making some cheesy, garlicky beer bread for lunch.

 Cabbage and black eyed peas to ensure a wonderful 2018.
Hope that is true for us all.  God Bless!