Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

So glad the sun finally showed up today.  I love sunny Easter Sundays.
Do you Facebook?  It is certainly an interesting means of communication.  Are you amazed at what some people share?  I guess I am.  I've never been much of an arguer. I think I've always had the notion, as my mama would say, "Everyone to their own foolish opinion."  More and more I'm surprised by people I really like using Facebook to tell folks who are Christians just how ignorant they are.
The article referred to here - -addressed a post I received more than once this weekend, and I have very few friends on fb compared to most people.  It is just strange to me that we go to all these extremes to accept everyone, allow everyone his or beliefs, but it seems to me that people really do think you are just ignorant if you don't believe the way they do, or perhaps I should "not believe" the way they do.
Oh well. I'm not ignorant or uninformed.  I don't care what the original celebration or notion was behind the word Easter.  My animals are every one named after hobbits, and though this may come as a surprise to some of you, I really do know Middle Earth is pretend.  I was named after Kimberly Clark, you know, on the Kotex box?  Yeah that's what happens when you are the fifth girl.  I didn't grow up to manufacture feminine hygiene products, or worship the person who did. I would really like to think when you say my name, that isn't what you're reflecting on.   You can call today Methuselah for all I care, I'm still going to celebrate it.
I celebrate in remembrance of Jesus Resurrection. He has proved a much worthier friend than any I have on the ol' fb.
I celebrate the absolute wonder I find in God's astounding creation.  Just studying about these honeybees has me amazed.
I celebrate wee folk and never tire of their second Easter when they find out that eggs that shake have candy and those are the ones they want.
I celebrate that I still have a Mom, Aunt and siblings, husband, children, and friends, to eat good food with, share puppy love with, laugh with, pray with, cry some with too.
Whatever you call it, I'll just end this day by calling it Lovely.  I hope you do as well.



  1. Happy Easter. Loved the pictures. We had a great Easter. I have pics out on facebook. I do use it to communicate with friends and family but I sure got tired of the political arguments before the election. Roger fell and was in the hospital so I have been behind, but I still peek at your posts and I plan to update my blog just for the record you know. Glad all is well with your clan.

    1. Oh my. Sorry to hear about the fall. Hope he's mending.

  2. Happy Easter! That puppy really does steal the show and will not be a lap dog for much longer from the looks of it.

    As for FB -- all of the hate speech just needs to stop whether it is political, religious or whatever! I use it on a very limited basis and have a few relatives that I have the settings adjusted so that I don't have to see all the things they have to say. To quote Thumper "If you can't say something nice -- don't say nothing at all!" Glad you had such a wonderful Easter. We did, too!

  3. I was raised in a church that didn't celebrate Easter or Christmas as religious holidays. They believe that we are to celebrate Christ each Sunday with the taking of communion. So I'm a little amused by both sides. Those who take the religious view believe that if you don't celebrate Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday, you're not a Christian. I know that's not true. Those who take the contrarian view seem to think that if any touch of paganism has entered into a holiday that its religious significance is lost. I know that's not true either.