Friday, February 22, 2013

I had a Dream

Well, the first dream come true was this in my kitchen last night.
The Captain in regular clothes, just messing around with his little missy- sweet.

Next dream, this about 4 weeks ago. One of my students had a dog about ready to have puppies. A few weeks back my student had the dog's name and her puppies on the prayer board.  It was a Great Pyrenees like Arwen.  Anyhoo, he said he thought they were coming that day, but none had yet arrived.  That was on Thursday. Still on Friday, no puppies.  That night I dreamed that my student and his parents came walking in class with a big galvanized bucket that looked like it had been picked straight up from the pig pen or chicken coop, hay and dried leaves and poo smashed all over it.  In my dream I'm wondering why in the world they'd be in my classroom with a bucket.  I look inside and there is a curled up white fuzz ball.  The father picks him up out of the bucket and shows me his leg, which has a vein, like what is on the inside of our wrist, well mine anyway.  He said, "You see that?"  "Uh, huh," I reply.  "Well, that is a flaw that keeps him from being a show dog, so we're going to give it to you. "  "Oh," says I nodding, while knowing I wouldn't know a show dog from a circus pony.  Then he tilts the puppy's head up and it has a black mask, you know, like the Lone Ranger, and it's grinning at me.  I wondered, even in my dream, why a puppy born to two white Great Pyrenees would have a black mask, but hey, I didn't really care, he was adorable and a gift and I needed a chicken dog,  fade to black, dream over.  I woke up smiling at that bucket and grinning dog.
Sooo, it was Catholic's School Week and we all were to attend a mass together that Sunday. Who did I sit by?  The family mentioned above. I asked about the dog and indeed she had eight puppies.  I told the Dad about my crazy dream and he said, "That's interesting, one of the puppies has a black mark on his face."  Seriously?  You are kidding?  Do the parents have such a mark? "No, no mark like that on either parent."  Wow.
I'm guessing you already know the end to this story and this evening I was able to meet my dream boy.
I'd like to introduce you to Strider.  What a handsome guy!!!

His siblings are quite adorable little dumplings as well.

 But this boy- the dog of my dreams.

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  1. Cutest things ever!!! I sat here looking at the pictures and sighing until Richard turned around to see what was wrong -- they really are just so cute! You are so lucky to have your dream come true!