Friday, November 29, 2013

Over the River

We indeed headed over the river to our new family Thanksgiving destination.  

Rae did a good job on her first turkey.
It was a tasty time.  It did feel a bit strange and sad I suppose. I've hosted Thanksgiving for so many years I can't even remember.   
Even longer than I've hosted, I've made this pie.
Never having cared for pumpkin pie, well that's putting how I feel about it mildly, I've always fixed my favorite.  I believe this  card was from some kind of recipe club, where maybe every month you received a set of cards.  I'm guessing the big check meant it was keeper recipe.  Interestingly, this is the only card that survived.
A few Christmases ago, I word processed, saved, copied and  made all our children recipe boxes with my tried and true recipes.  I can go to that recipe easily on my computer, but I love the trip down memory lane when I touch and see, not only my recipe, but recipes others have written.
I'm amazed I still have it, as my recipe book is a little plastic book, that had plastic card holders and recipe cards.  No way would it hold enough recipes, so recipes just got stuck in there.  It was probably a half inch deep when it was new.  Now it's four inches deep, with no rhyme or reason. Every time I need a recipe, I go through the entire stack until this road weary, tattered card surfaces.
Still, it remains my favorite pecan pie. Yummo. One of the first dessertish type items I've wanted since the sickness.

 The James Gang joined us at Rae's.  I think I've only ever missed Thanksgiving with Jakester once in his life, when he had the audacity to go to New York or somewhere over Thanksgiving.  Perhaps Jame-0 has spent some part of every Thanksgiving with us, I'm not positive.
 I brought some little ceramic figures for the gramerlings to paint after play and food and play.

 This Giddy-up was deliriously happy with all his Fwiends coming to his house.  He loved painting and  was very good at putting these small beads on a tiny wire to make a necklace.

Tim continued the picking and grinning tradition of old.

I'm thankful for so many things.  How blessed we are to have so much family, so much food and a warm place to lay our heads.  I hope your day was sweet.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some Normal is Nice

At last, the day I begin to doubt was ever coming-Wednesday marked my first fever free day in 25 days.  Yipee! Thank God!  So that meant Playdate was on for Thursday.  Uncle Tim graciously provided pizza and Aunt SuZQ supplied the carb coma.
Mostly, they wanted to play, but we did break for a little Thanksgiving crafting of Gobblers.

 Bean  tied knots in the thick cotton string that hangs down in the cup. So wonderful that he's getting old enough to be my helper. Pappy helped too.
 Miss Bugg followed feather cutting directions to a "T." Then for the fun of wetting and pulling the string to make this bird "Gobble." You have to love that face.
 Even brides need a turkey.

 Last time Bean was here he rubbed the kernels off the Indian corn we didn't use for decoration.
He found another little tiny one and when I told him it was actually a popcorn corn, he wanted to try and pop the whole tablespoon full he got off that tiny cob.   Having taught Indiana history for years, I know a thing or two about popcorn from teaching my students about two Indiana popcorn icons, Orville and Cousin Willie.  We've studied all about how it has to be grown and picked at the exact right time for the moisture to perfect, then stored to maintain that moisture.  I told Bean since we followed no scientific protocol for this corn at all, I had no idea if it would pop.
As is usual, I put in some coconut oil and two kernels, it got hotter and hotter, but nothing happened, and by this time Bean and SuZQ about had their heads in the pot, when low and behold, they popped, and nearly scared them both to death. We put in the rest, and every kernel popped.  Cousin Willie would be proud.
 Bean ate all but this handful.  Teeny tiny popcorn.
It was so nice to have them gathered round the table.  I was worn out when they left, but my heart was full and content.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Tea Party

A little sprite and his Mama and Papa braved the rather nutso weather we're having to pay a little visit this afternoon.  I was so very happy to see that Giddy-up. It had been a very, very long five weeks and I was sorely missing him.
Since outside play was out of the question, we had a tea party, a first for him.

He said, "What's this?" a lot.

As is usual, the thrill is the pouring and pouring, and pouring.  

If you are younger than 3 or have had no tea party experience, then the tablecloth
 is always a thick towel and the rug underneath the same.
I practice the mantra, "Stop when you get to the top," over and over. While they learn it quickly and say it as they pour, they don't stop.  Finally, I just gave him multiple cups to pour to his heart's content.

Of course, we had to do all the other usual things. Play cars, play Legos, watch the Helicopter video whilst clutching a helicopter, visit the bunny boys, go on the back porch for a popsicle,  and watch slide shows of him on the computer to the tune of "Can you Canoe?"
Hereafter, another tea party will likely be added to his line-up. Wonder how many tea parties I've had?

I've felt more like myself this weekend than any other day this past four weeks.  While, unfortunately I still have some lingering issues, I was actually able to spend most of yesterday and today up and busy.
Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day

Well, Veteran's Day seemed a bit out of my reach this year, as I continue to have the energy of a fallen autumn leaf, I was having some pretty serious anxiety over pulling it off this year.  Last Friday's rehearsal was a little less than stellar. Yesterday, I came home believing I was never going to be well again. Kind of sobby. Thank God for new days.
 I've barely been able to keep Phil and I fed and certainly did not know how I'd manage the breakfast. Basically, I just finally threw my hands up and prayed that the Lord would bless our efforts, and it would be what it would be.
Well, owing to a Handy Man, industrious students and willing hands of parents and friends, daughter-in-law sending soup that I could actually eat, it came off without a hitch this morning.  Though sausage and I have not made up, and I had to sit on a stool and stir, they ate it all up.  Whilst I've typically walked about greeting Veteran's, I again returned to my stool after the program, and many of them came to me with the sweetest things to say, always making me grateful we made the effort.
 July's chubby ol' Gramerly
 Saggy Baggy Gramerly who is now 15 pounds down on this three week Food Poisoning Miserable Excuse for an Adventure. Which is a total of 27 pounds since my doctor appt. last February.  Not exactly how I planned it.
 That, however, is one handsome soldier boy of mine.  How joyful to have him here for Veteran's Day this year.

So grateful for all the check-ups, house help, soup, and popsicles and prayers. Grateful Ceece's mom came through heart surgery successfully.

Today has been my best day.  I actually fixed Handy Man a complete and tasty meal and ate a couple of tablespoons of all it.  Moving on up.

Friday, November 8, 2013


feeling somewhat surprised at how fresh some heartbreak can be after two years.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I'm determined to put something on here.  See, I did go somewhere. It was Magnolia Plantation and the gardens were stunning.
Personally, I have never experienced such a sickness as  what I've existed through the last two weeks. I guess, when the food poisoning made its exit, an infection signed up for residence.  I am better and have returned to work, though getting through the day is about all I'm managing at the moment.
Praying that since I'm nearly fever free, the healing will pick-up.  It would be loverly if you want to pray that too.