Friday, March 22, 2013

Playdate in Parts

Strange happenings this year in my world which led me to a monumental decision- I would no longer be hosting Easter and Thanksgiving.  So, here I am on spring break, with a bit more time on my hands than usual, and Playdate coming and I simply can't bear not having a yard full of Easter Egg hunting poopies.  Usually, the kidlets are on break the same time as me and I always have them over for candy making during the day.  This year we had three different spring breaks amongst us, so all this would have to be accomplished in a Playdate evening.

I had another opportunity to keep the tiny goat boy, and knew the chitlins would love it, so I said, "Yes," to Baby Bumper.  I was so very glad I did as Bean hadn't been able to see him on his last visit and instantly fell head over heels in love.

Bumper was ever so much more active and busy, with a wee goat skip in his step this visit. He is still eating frequently.

These cousins really aren't together all that much in the school year.

 They have a bit of a tough time settling down to candy making when there is just ever so much playing to get done.  Still, they do want to make the candy, so I finally got them all corralled and painting. 

If you remember last year, Giddy-Up discovered what deliciousness was being painted in those molds and took the easiest route to getting it out.

This year he did try his hand at painting, then thought fingers were a faster way to work.

Something new for Ms. Gardener to try as well.

 Always a memorable moment with children.  When Ms. Gardener sat down, Baby Boy said, "Hey, who is that old lady?"  To which I replied, "Rude."  His mama then shared with him a better way to introduce oneself to someone unknown. Have mercy. She introduced herself and said, " I am an old lady."  Thankfully, as a former teacher, she's heard everything, so I knew she wouldn't be offended.  I had friends for dinner Tuesday evening and we were talking about how people who were thirty were so old to us when we were little.  Ah, now we're the old ones, way on past thirty.
Part Two will reveal egg hunting on the frozen tundra, with no place to actually hide an egg this year.
Oh my, if you look back at the link above, the difference in the amount of green is unbelievable for the same time of year. Usually, I have to hog tie the Handy Man to keep him from cutting the grass.  No grass and freezing, but we hunted eggs all the same.


  1. I did look back at last year but I was to busy realizing how much they have grown since last year that I never noticed the green! Glad you were able to get them all together for candy making.

    1. They have grown. I never get used to how fast. Wow!