Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Where Does the Time Go?

Here is the birthday beanie boy putting the finishing touches on his birthday cupcake. Bean's new birthday toy. Ummm, is a nail supposed to go in there?

Raina and Miss Linee feeding the Cheeky. Raina named an as yet unnamed Silver Wyndotte, Princess Sheila.

Kiss the baby.

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. Bugg all crammed in that tiny cradle with her big poodle skirt on, covered in blocks, looking so very much like a big dolly, one that can open and shut her eyes.

If it seemed my children grew up quickly, then my grandchildren are growing at some sort of warp speed. Bean turned five on Wednesday and I just can't grasp that he could be that old. His party is on Sunday, but we decorated cupcakes in his honor and sang Happy Birthday to him. He has brought us ginourmous joy on joy in his little five years. I have no idea what I ever did before he came. If the birthday wasn't enough, he also registered for kindergarten. I was feeling rather traumatized by the whole thing, but he landed in a class with a teacher I have great fondness and respect for, so I feel better about it now.

Bean brought the prized gift from his Daddy to playdate, a new tool box. Handy Man Pappy donated an old lawn mower for the occasion and the kidlets thoroughly enjoyed taking it apart.

We only had a few bits of outside time between the monsoon rains.

Bugg and Antebellie never tire of dress-up and imaginary play. I love to watch them. Though Antebellie is younger, she is taller and is always the Mama and Bugg her baby. I'm amazed at how they manage to fit Bugg in Rae Rae's old doll cradle and how long she'll stay, when it cannot be comfortable-funny, funny girls.

I probably should've gone on and continued my studies in child development, since I am endlessly fascinated by the subject, especially subjects that I call mine whether in the classroom, or my own family. Miss Linee was insistent on visiting the chickie girls. I promptly found her some bread to feed them, which she promptly stuck in her mouth-thankfully it was fresh. She walked around the chicken pen yelling for the chickies, holding out the remainder of soggy bread. Then, when a chickie girl would get close, she would flee-over and over again.

Speaking of chickie girls, I'm headed out to ascertain the damage after serious rain last night. That's the most water I've ever seen in our yard and some ran through the coop, so I might be shoveling out all my pine chips into the compost today. It was a little scary. The creek was out on the other side and across three yards.

Kaye is still in the hospital. I will be there this evening and tomorrow, so I'll give a more complete update then.

Stay high and dry out there.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jammin' at Gramerly's

Buttercup's drum solo.

Bean tuning up. After doing so, he asked me if I noticed the music sounded different. That was easy to answer with an honest, "Yes." He said, "Well, that's because I turned all my signals the same direction." I was wondering.

Missy Bugg on the drums in her "color shirt" and her tutu, worn over her sundress. She is jammin' and stylin'.

What a handsome guitarist with all his signals now going the same direction.

Buttercup showing off her littlest teeth, her biggest eyes and her best smile.
I guess because her Daddy is a drummer, I got a CD called Drum Circle and put it on whenever Buttercup comes to play. She loves it and dances with the music. This time, all the kids enjoyed playing their instruments along with the CD.
Did you see smoke coming out of my kitchen this weekend. Woo,who it was a whirlwind of life, happy and sad, and needing some home cooked blessings. A beautiful new baby boy, the loss of a friend's beloved mother, a new principal needing to meet her staff. I'm resting my rolling pin and cinnamon roll recipe for a few days.
More happy news, Rae Rae and Michael are about to become homeowners-much excitement for them. They are looking for a frig and a gas stove and other things to fill their new home. Recently, they were blessed with a couch, tables, dresser and lamps. It is fun to watch. I remember being in that place thirty years ago. We still have the dresser and nightstand we purchased from someone for thirty-five dollars. What a great investment, both in the marriage and the furniture-ha.
Oh, you know, there's some unhappy news too. After being on antibiotics for four days, so strong they required a pic line, Kaye's temp is 104 and she is packed in ice water drenched wash cloths as we speak. An infectious disease doc has been called in. And our hearts break for her again.
Do you ever wonder if you just don't have the prayers right, you haven't said them enough, what, what, what?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

C'mon Coffee

My list of things to do today is way longer than I am. I slept too long from being up too late and I'm so needing this coffee to do it's thing. I was with Pete and Kaye at the emergency room last night. Through a rather circuitous and difficult route Pete finally received the answers he's been seeking all week, to tests taken last week, at 8:45 pm -insane, ridiculous. Pete was right. The symptoms they've ignored for weeks is C-Diff and a UTI that cannot be treated by the antibiotic they've had her on. So, even though those tests were taken right at Floyd and the results were right there, she still had to spend hours in the emergency room being stuck and annoyed and agitated all over again. She told us to get rid of her that she wasn't worth anything, and she's not kidding or being overly dramatic. She is flat out weary. Who in the world could blame her. I always think I'm through crying about it, because I know crying doesn't do any good, but cry I did because it was just sad and that's all. I feel like if Pete could ever just come across someone who cared and would listen and see the whole picture that constitutes a real person instead of just a lung, or a bladder, much of her suffering could be avoided. Okay, so this antibiotic for C-Diff is way strong and must be given IV for several days and oh, it can cause seizures. Heaven help us.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What to do?

Until this week, we've been blessed with fabulous weather for playdates. Even when it's rained, it has been warm and not too many storms. Yesterday, however, was another story. Seriously folks, who plans for endless rain and 69 degrees at the end of July. Further more, what kind of plans do you make for seven kids, newborn to six, in such conditions?
Well, first you make cookies and provide teeny weeny cookie cutters so it takes a very long time to use up your dough. Then you decorate all those tiny cookies.
Thankfully, the temperature came up enough to cause only slight shivering, with a blue tinge creeping around their mouths, sort of like a lipliner. No one cared because homemade bubbles are so slippery and fun. By late afternoon, the mud holes were deep and you could ride your four-wheel drive tricycle right through them. When everyone was chilled to the bone we went inside for some finger painting with pudding. Naturally, a long warm chocolate/mud bath followed.
Tiff couldn't decide if she was coming with Baby Boy and Miss Linee. Our little miss could also be called, Miss Busy, because she's never satisfied in one spot for long. She's usually fine to miss her nap if she's outside with lots to do. If she's inside, she's a bit cranky. At the last minute, she was wanting to see Aunt Kymbi, so in spite of the weather, Tiff brought her. If ever there was a child who enjoyed cookie making, decorating and pudding painting more, I've never witnessed it. She had the mostest fun and we all had fun watching her.
After five little ones headed home, Bean, Bugg, and I headed to the chicken pen and enjoyed feeding, chasing and holding the chickie girls. Bugg and I left Bean with Handy Man Pappy and went in to finish dinner. Bugg was a big help pulling all the "branches" off the corn before we roasted it.
After a delicious supper, we made "things." You can see them in the picture below. I don't know what they are really called, or why in the world anyone thought up such a thing. You stick teeniest plastic pieces on a hard plastic shape, iron it and then the pieces stick together. Every time you move it or bump anything, half the pieces fall off and you have to do it again. A seriously nerve wracking activity folks. Pappy helped Bugg put her initial on hers.
At last, off to bed for one exhausted Gramerly.

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Using our fancy chef equipment, ro-tel and tomato paste cans, we roll out the dough.
Oops, you mean the icing goes on the cookie first?

Smooching Baby Boy is good on any kind of day.
Ooooh, I like this even better than rolling out the dough.
Ummm, you did not tell me you could eat this finger paint.
Not enough water was falling from the sky to suit these "pretty in pink" beauties, they had to have some more to pour.
Bean found the perfect bubble blower fairly easy to use and not easily misplaced-hurrah!
Raina caught a wee bubble on her cutest nose.

Bugg needed some assistance on the last project of the evening.

A fashion show before bed in Gramerly's glasses.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Summer Breeze

"Hmm, is this tasty?" My Mom's first great, great grandbaby. I always take tub pictures of all our little ones around seven months old. What a little dumpling!

His sweetest pods dipping in creek.

Handy Man Pappy showing off his chickie girls.

Miss Linnee painting herself, me and, the paper some too.

Missy Bugg and her cousin Raina intently painting, all on the paper, imagine that!

Storytime with one of Gramerly's favorites, Chrysanthemum and the gramerling's favorites-snacks.

The weelings took advantage of some mushrooms that just popped up to have storytime too.

Summer Fun!

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Mercy, our summer has certainly been breezy. I'm loving these cool temperatures we're having, though it's a bit strange, for true. Last night, the chickie girls headed in an hour before dark to get on the roost under their light.
I just can't believe how late in the summer it is already. It feels like playing in water, when you pick up a handful and it pours right back out of your hand, so are the days of my summer life.
Not many days of baby smooching left. I go back to work on August 6.
But, one bit of relief, I believe I'll be headed back with a terrific new principal. I was worried for awhile there, as I sat on the search committee and wondered how in the world anyone could fill my previous principal's shoes. Well, no one can, but I believe we have someone who will love us and want the best for us and work really hard at it. You can't reasonably ask for more than that.
Saturday was Kaye sitting day. Each day I see her she has more words which is great, but still many that I can't comprehend, which is endless frustration for all parties involved. She went out on the back porch with me to sit a spell until she got too cool. She visited with Mom for a bit and watched a southern gospel music video. We are still fighting first one infection and another. Pete had to take her to the emergency room again on Friday evening from severe bladder pain-another infection, another antibiotic-another yeast infection-aghhhhhh! She missed dialysis and was already having difficulty breathing yesterday. I won't be surprised if she's back in the emergency room before dialysis tomorrow. It's so weird, she has no swelling anywhere, but all the water she holds must go to her lungs. She is very irritated and resistant to dialysis these days. Pete about has to force her. In addition to visiting her and translating for Mom, I was able to get all the laundry done and fix Pete a good meal. I'm happy when I can do something that takes care of both of them. Please and thank you for your continued prayers for them.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mornin' Sunshines

Just sittin' this morning, coffee in hand, sittin' and watching the sun slowly creep around the curtains to light up a couple of little sleeping beauties, deep in slumber on my living room floor. Bean and Miss Bugg spent the night. My list of things to do is always long, but this watching was important to me. Tumbledown strawberry curls, long eyelashes resting on rosy red chubbiest cheeks delights my heart. So, for a few minutes, I soak up the beauty and the silence.
Soon, chubbby cheeks is stirring. As I mentioned before, Missy Bugg did not like to be cuddled to sleep, but prefers being cuddled awake. So together we snuggle on the couch and I hug her close and try to press her presence into my memory for another day, when I turn around and she's fifteen and perhaps too cool for snuggling. I kiss her head, eyes, nose, cheeks and tell her what a wonder I think she is. Of course, I pray this is pressed into her memory as well, to pull out on days she doesn't feel so good about herself. I don't have a single memory of this with anyone really until Handy Man Pappy, so I'm grateful to provide it for her. How fabulous to start your day with sunshine right in your lap.
Bean popped up a bit later. I laugh as he is talking before he is even fully awake. Silence is quickly replaced by enthusiastic chatter. Apparently, the apostle Paul was the subject of last evening's Vacation Bible School Story. It's very interesting to hear this story told from a two and four year old perspective. I asked Bean if he knew that the story came from the Bible. I told him how important those stories were to me and not like any other stories, special stories, living words. He mentioned someone he knew having Bible. I told him I had several and he wanted to see one. I brought him the one my mom gave us on our first anniversary, and he asked me to please read it, all of it, today-smile. I fear I shattered his hopes when I told him that was too big a job for a day, but I'd share a Psalm that I loved- Psalm 139. With all the beautiful picture books, television programs, movies and video games, you wouldn't think two little tots would be interested in a Psalm that long with no pictures, 3-D, sound affects, but they listened intently.
I told them I challenged my fourth graders to learn the whole thing and they did. You would think listening to them as they added scripture each week that I wouldv'e grown weary of hearing the same thing over and over, but I never did. And, I still loved hearing it today, loved sharing it even more.
Do you have a favorite Psalm?

In Chickie Land, I have some R-O-T-T-E-N chickie girls. On Monday, I had to run errands all day and felt bad that they had been cooped up, so I took a book and a diet coke and a chair and went and parked myself in the pen with the pooch and the girls from six until bedtime( they are still small enough to squeeze through the fence and must be watched). I wanted to wait until dark this time, to see if they would wander in the coop on their own. As daylight was fading, one by one they scampered into the coop. When they all got in, I checked food and water, then turned off the light and shut the door. You have never heard such racket in your life. They were all yelling their heads off. At first, I thought something must have gotten in the coop, so I open the door and they are all squawking and clamoring over each other all around the door. I go back in, look all around, pick some of them up and, amazingly, they all calm down, go back to peeping contentdly, roosting, etc. Okay, put them down, turn off the light, close the door, hysterics! I stand there several minutes, thinking they'll go about their chickie nightime routine, uh, no. I go back in, pick some up, talk calmly. By now it's pitch black and Handy Man is at the door wandering what in the wide world I'm doing. I look all around and check things out again- nothing unusual. Handy Man tells me to leave them and he'll come back out later and check-my hero. In a last ditch effort to fix whatever is wrong, I turn their heat lamp back on cause it's already down to seventy degrees in the coop and maybe they aren't happy about the temperature. I leave them still squawking. He checks later, they are fine. Next night, I'm Kaye sitting, he goes in close to dark to check their feed, they hear the noise, run into the coop, roost and go quietly to sleep. I have brat chickens, already!!
My sister and her grandson brought my Mom and Roy out to see the girls last night. I was happy for them to spend sometime with the girls and they were happy too.
Aww, sweet, sweet, summertime.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Warning: Kind of Sad

origin unknown
1: a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun2 a: a question or problem having only a conjectural answer b: an intricate and difficult problem

I like that word conundrum. I guess because I think life is certainly intricate and often difficult.
So, the conundrum for the the day is how do you have a happy heart when the situation is so not happy. Let's face it, I can't go around with a broken heart all the time, but where do you take it out and put it to keep it safe, until you've done the right thing, the good thing?
If you haven't guessed already, it was a Kaye visit day. She wasn't feeling well, wasn't communicating well, having cramps in her legs.
My brother-in-law is trying so hard. He wants so badly to keep her home. He believes she is happier there and he can take better care of her and keep her safer from all the nasty bugs waiting to catch a wild ride on some poor immune depressed soul hanging around a hospital or nursing home. Desperately he wants her to get better and to bring a little joy into her day.
It is heartbreaking to watch this sweetness, this hope in the face of one virus and infection after another. It is heartbreaking to be so helpless to affect a change in folks I care so much about.
To many, my life might not be so exciting, being all hepped up about grandkids and chickens, but it's living a dream for me. So, in such simple things I find such deep pools of joy and gratitude. When the yard is full of laughing happy poopies and the chicken tractor is full of cheerfully chirping chickie girls, I am completely content. Tonight we watched Bugg and Bean while mom went to Knitting for a Need and 1st Lt. was off doing his military duty. Bugg was dropped off first as Bean was fishing with Opa. Bugg seldom has the beloved dolphin swing to herself and took full advantage of her time alone. Handy Man and I spelled each other when our arms couldn't go another push. I sang all her favorite songs and happily swam and splashed in her smiles and enthusiatic laughter. Bean joined us and Handy Man Pappy reported that he'd seen some pirate activity in the woods and a glint of what might be a buried treasure. With spades in hand, we fearlessly ventured further and further into the deep dark woods, and low and behold, there was unusual mounds of dirt. Suspicious toddlers curiously dug around to reveal treasures hidden in the earth. Some unusual fungi, and a for real animal skull added to the adventure.
In a short time we made friends with a lovely toad, changed the water and admired our nearly frog tadpoles, fed, then put up the chickie girls, had popsicles and more. An evening of fun.
But, I remember four other littles with a Granny and Poppy who may never be able to do the things I do. Today, Kaye just managed a little smile and hello when Ol' Henry and Baby Boy came to visit. It's hard for me to let it go. It's hard for me to not ask why. It is just hard.
In a happier day, Pete worked second shift and would stop by some mornings and visit Ol'Henry when he was new. It wasn't long until Ol' Henry was interested in what came in the cup Poppy faithfully showed up with, and coffee sipping began. Today, as soon as he arrived, he wanted some of Poppy's coffee. My heart never stays where I leave it. It wondered, "Will Poppy ever be able to make such a memory for Antebellie, Miss Linee and Baby Boy?"
It's been more than three months since Kaye hit her head. Who ever would have dreamed a bump on the head could cause such suffering?
I pray, in the midst of all this, she can find some joy, reasons each day to lift her head and smile, maybe some days of mostly feeling good. Pete can live with that and I must learn to, but what to do with that broken heart. A conundrum indeed.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chickie Yard Debut

In the chickie yard left front, back, and to the right (mostly black) are all Australorps.
The only white one (Snow Queen) and the gray/silver (Jetta) one in the back are Andalusians.
The yellow one in front is an Orpington and the one on the front right is a Silver Wynndotte

These girls were not so brave and waited until they'd watched the first girls be out for awhile.
Left to Right: There is Little Pasty Butt Red Hen, then an Orpington, Yellow Chick Awesome, next is an Easter Egger, Princess Cheeky, followed by another Red Starr, Henny Penny.

These were the first brave few, heading down the runway. It was a nerve wracking experience because Handy Man was wrong and they were able to get out of the fence. Thankfully, they like to stick together, so they didn't stay out long, just enough to get my heart rate up before squeezing back through to join their friends.
Arwen was fairly well behaved with us watching. It will be quite a bit before I'll be comfortable leaving the girls in her care. When they were out, Arwen was certainly on alert, woofing at every sound.
Tonight we are going to let them out closer to dark and see if their roosting instinct is in place.
Last night was the first night they were totally in the dark. Tomorrow they will be five weeks old and are feathered out enough for the current night time temperatures without their heat lamp.
Today we enjoyed another trip to the Farmer's Market-two actually. We are loving some homemade salsa we found. The watermelons and cantaloupes were calling my name and did not disappoint-juicy, sweet delights. After we feasted we shared the rinds with the girls who were thrilled to gobble it up.
On the Miss Kaye Front, we continue to go forward, back, forward, back. Pete thinks she has C-Diff. She's sicker than a dog, then antibiotics, then a few good days, then right back where we started. Tuesday when I was there happened to be a good day. She actually came to the table in her wheelchair and ate some supper and had been up a good part of the day. Thursday was awful and Pete was up with her every hour throughout the night. They started her back on the antibiotics at dialysis and she slept all day today. Bless both their hearts.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sleepy Picture Time

Gramerly soaking up some sleepy Bugg sunshine- dewishus!

Sweet Baby Boy on his first play date

Miss Linee who was feverishly rocking and lovin' on her baby and hard to keep that beautiful face in focus.

Antebellie and Bugg were not content to simply dress as fairy princesses, they were just not altogether without their magic (wand). Desperate times call for desperate measures with the nearest wooden spoon. Watch out, you are about to be glinked.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sleeping Angels

It's late and I should be sleeping, as I have Bible Study in the morning, but just returned from a fun 60th birthday party for my friend-girl Sandy. Always takes me a bit to wind down after laughing hysterically at my crazy friends for a few hours.
Today was a hectic day- Wednesday's Play Date with the Gramerlings. I wanted to get to the funeral home after playdate and before going to the party, but my plans changed with a bit of an unusual occurrence.
More on that later.
Anyway, going back a couple of decades to when I had a toddler and was expecting twins, I remember being absolutely terrified that I would not love the new babies the way I loved my firstborn. I wanted to, but I simply thought it wouldn't be possible. How could you have room in your life for more love than you had already. It was so deep and wide and big and all consuming. Then came the happy day when my hands were full of a little blue bundled boy and a tiny pink swaddled girl and low and behold the love was there- Amazing!
I thought that kind of love was done when my little family was complete with three children.
I was profoundly amazed again to discover I felt that exact same deep and wide and all consuming love for my first grandson. You're kidding, right? This much love for another wee one, again? I was, and am still really quite overwhelmed by the depth of my feelings for that boy.
I am not however a very fast learner, for when hearing that he was going to be a big brother, an immediate panic whirled it's way around my brain asking if was possible that I could love his sister like I loved him. My brain answered, "Not likely honey." Silly ol' brain.
I've been privileged to be a part of several deliveries and was right there when Missy Bugg popped out. She had the most awful, heart wrenching cry I have ever heard. Turns out, that's how babies who's lungs aren't ready breathe and cry. Her teeny five pound self was in need of some help and she had to go the area children's hospital in the NICU. While they readied our wee poopie for transport, 1st Lt. left to get her admitted and I stayed with Ceece. They brought her by on the vent and in an incubator to say goodbye to Mommy. Mercy, what a heart wrenching moment. Bean spent from 3 days old to 3 1/2 weeks old in the NICU for a different reason and here Ceece was again, only she had to stay, while her little girl went. I asked if we had a minute that I could pray for her and the paramedics were really sweet about it. Then I asked if I could see her hair under her cap and sure enough she was a tiniest little redhead-be still my heart. Off our Missy Bugg went, but not for long. A couple of weeks and she was home and guess what? All that love again-Amazing.
So, why didn't I get to what I needed to do today? What was the amazing occurrence? When Bean was a baby he spent one third of his time with us his first two years asleep on Handy Man Pappy's or my chest in the easy chair. We'd fight over who got to give him his bottle and nap.
Not so with the Missy Bugg. She wanted to be put down for naps. You could lie down beside her, but she didn't like sleeping in your arms.
Today, after Ol' Henry, Antebellie, Miss Linee and Baby Boy had gone home and Bean was playing with Pappy, Bugg was playing and tripped over a toy and was crying. I picked her up and started rocking her, and lo and behold, she fell asleep all snuggled up on my shoulder. I was so surprised. Though I wanted to make it to the funeral home today, the very fact that my sweet friend's brother was here on Saturday and is gone today, made me stop and think. I have another chance to go the funeral home tomorrow and my friend-girls will forgive me for being late to the party. My soon to be three year old might never want to nap and rock in her Gramerly's arms again. So that's what I did for an hour and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Again, so thankful for this chance, so thankful for this great love that keeps on growing as I keep on being blessed with precious littlest bits that make huge impressions on my heart.
Pictures tomorrow.

*edited by Ceece(little red haired baby)*
Lillian 9.25-9.28 050.jpg

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's the Little Things

Give me a "C" Bean, Bean.

See, you can hold it way back here and it can't hurt you Miss Bugg.

I didn't have any big plans for the Fourth last evening. With exception to firecrackers whizzing all around the neighborhood, I thought Handy Man and I would have a quiet evening at home.

To say my Friday was not the best would be an understatement, though I did enjoy a nice visit with Rae and Michael. I didn't feel much up to going anywhere.

Anyway, rain caused Ceece and 1st Lt.'s plans to fall through, so they came out with Bean and Bugg. Ceece brought some delicious stuffed mushrooms and a big diet Coke from McDonald's. I had been to Sam's earlier and bought the most delicious cherries, so we threw in some more stuff and had a scrumptious supper.

After dinner, Miss Bugg picked up a book I'd purchased from my favorite book catalog, Chinaberry, called I Kissed the Baby by Mary Murphy. I actually bought the book with Buttercup in mind, but anyway, it's a little board book about a new baby in the barnyard and each animal in turns says something like, "I saw the baby? Did you see the baby?" So, as I read, I made up a different voice for each animal. In the end, it's the mother duck who's speaking, er quacking, and I remembered that I used to be able to carry on quite a quacky conversation, so I gave it my quackiest best and it cracked Bean and Bugg up to point we were all laughing off our little tail feathers. I had to read the book over five times, until I'd quacked till I was hoarse and said, "No more." Such a little thing, such wonderful laughter, such a sweet treat.

When Bean was new and started that deep belly laughing, I remember his daddy saying, "That is the best sound in the world." If it's my big kids, or my little gramerlings, it's still the best sound in the world to me. Those precious minutes of a good book and laughter make me remember why I love grand parenting so much.

Later, we used up some of the remaining sparklers from Rae's wedding. At first, Miss Bugg was very uneasy. I remembered Bean feeling that same sparkler anxiety, so I tried the same remedy for her as I had for him. I got a long stick and taped the sparkler to it, so she could enjoy it, without getting too close. By evening's end, she was just holding the sparkler with no stick. Bean and Mommy enjoyed making letters, while Dad shot off bottle rockets and Arwen ran away as fast as she could go. Handy Man Pappy built a teeny tiny fire for s'mores.

In lighting a sparkler, I burned my hand and put an ice cube on it. Miss Bugg said, " Did you get a boo, boo? Do we need to go to the dentist?"

Today, I went back to visit Kaye. Her pain and irritation was from an over done dialysis. The rest of the weekend was much better. She slept well and is eating a little more and talking a lot, like last weekend. Pete is going to talk to them tomorrow about doing something to not cause her such agony post-dialysis.

I am so very sad to report that not every one's celebration turned out like mine. My good friend Jeanne hosts the Fourth at her house each year and her brother Mark provides a dazzling display of fireworks for family and friends. In the process of preparing for the show, he had a heart attack and they were not able to resuscitate him. Please keep this family in your prayers. He was only 41 years old.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Feed the Birds

"Hey, uh, are you listening to me?" Handy Man's favorite- Fly Away Little Blackbird

A not so little red hen, not to be confused with Little Red Hen, who is still little.

Gramerly's favorite- Princess Cheeky( an Easter Egger) because she has gerbil cheeks and is so sweet.

Arwen envying the chickie girls.

"Wook, all deese for me?" Miss Blueberry Bugg
I'm not quite sure it's the way your average American couple spends the Fourth of July, but hey, it's raining, so we couldn't get the chickie girls out for their daily dose of sun and fun in the chicken tractor. To make ammends, we went to them. Chickie girls are really a delightful past time. I chose breeds of chickens that are supposed to be friendly, but still, if you want them to be really friendly, you have to spend some time with them. One has already picked out Handy Man as her favorite Human Bean. For the sake of marital harmony, I expected Handy Man to tolerate the girls well enough, but never in my life did I think he'd enjoy them. Clearly, he does.
I named her Fly Away Little Blackbird from the movie we just enjoyed yesterday-Public Enemies. She is an Australorp.
I made homemade wheat bread for the girls this week and they love it as much as everyone I've ever made it for. You can see my favorite from the beginning, Princess Cheeky, happily sitting on one hand while I feed her out of the other. Before the bread was gone I had begun to feel like the character from Mary Poppins who sits on the steps and feeds the birds. They were all over me. I keep forgetting to wear something that doesn't expose my feet, as the girls think that surely my red toenails are some tasty treat.
Miss Blueberry Bugg did not disappoint in her excitement and enthusiasm over the berries. I think she ate a whole pound herself. Miss Linee was fairly taken with them as well.
Kaye is home, and we spent a rather fretful evening together last night. She isn't really able to articulate exactly what is going on, so it's anyone's guess. She was freezing and hurting. As best I can gather, her stomach was cramping severely and her legs. She just moans and frets and up and down. I put warm bed buddies where she says it hurts, rub and rub her legs, but nothing relieves her for long. I'm going to research a bit today on if it is the effect of drawing off too much water in too short a time. Bless her heart, she is so crabby and miserable. Pete was just trying to navigate all the tube feeds and meds and doing a good job. Keep praying, please.
God Bless America and Happy Fourth of July to everyone. I am thankful to God that 1st Lt. boy of mine is home, along with all my other cherubs. Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Believe in Miracles

How nice on this delightfully cool and clear summer morn, to give a positive report on Kaye.
Her lengthy wake times have continued. I was with her Fri., Sat., Sun. and all through the evening yesterday, and she was awake and interactive most of that time. It is literally like someone flipped a switch and she was turned back on.
She was like that on Friday, but I didn't know if it was because she was just too sick too rest at all.
The regular doc on Friday was kind of like, "Well, I don't think it's her gallbladder and Pete may just have to accept that this is how it is, and you just never know with brain injured patients, she may not ever be able to eat, blah, blah, blah." When Pete refused to accept that for an answer, doc-man finally called in a gastro-guy. No heaving at all yesterday and she actually was hungry and asking for dinner. She ate about half of her yogurt and one third of her banana, which is the most she's eaten for me. She did feel a little queasy once or twice, but nothing like Friday and Saturday- a miracle. In direct opposition to the first doc I mentioned, this fellow wants her off the tube feeds as soon as possible. I'm in love with him.
Last night when I was there, I asked her what she was going to do when she got home and she said, "Get cleaned up." I'm guessing that has been bothering her and Pete too, cause he showed up with her special soap, lotion, gown, towels from home, finger nail brush, etc. and we gave her a thorough scrubbing.
Pete does plan to take her home when she is released, which might be today.
It is very sweet and sad to watch Pete with her. He is so obviously thrilled with this progress that he is making big plans. He is going to take her home, bring her this weekend to see the chickie girls, and go the the tulip festival in Michigan next spring. The cart a little ahead of the horse perhaps, but hope is a good thing.
Pete was so thrilled with all of his birthday greetings and rather shocked that money fell out of some. Thanks so very much for thinking of him. He so needed the lift in spirits.
Brain injury wise, it continues to be interesting and strange. She recognizes most everyone when she sees them, but often cannot name names, or doesn't know who you mean without seeing the person. She remembered that Pete's car broke down and wanted to know if it was running good now, but doesn't know who stayed with her yesterday. I believe her speech continues to improve, but I'm also getting better at understanding and following the direction our conversation is going. Folks who stop by are still having a difficult time understanding her.
Still, amazing progress over five days. The most we have seen-praise the Lord!

Now, I must get ready for the little people today- play with chickie girls, go to the park, check out the creek-tons of fun!