Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Take Four of the Papperly Chronicles

Gee, I am so far behind.  A week ago Monday, Pap picked up Blue Eyes for his date.  He was thrilled with his little fishy.  When he brought his fish in, I filled a bag with ice and put it inside another bag and opened it for him to drop the fish in.  He asked us why we were putting them on ice.  Pappy told him it would put the fish to sleep.  As he slid them in the bag he exclaimed, "Oh Boy! You're going like this."  Pappy said he told him several times while fishing that if something wakes you up in the middle of the night, you have to check your fire alarms.  I'm guessing it was fire safety week in pre-K.

 He ordered pancakes for supper. Pancakes with chocolate chips.  Here they go.

 Time for chores again.

 In addition to fishing and pancakes he requested a nature walk.  This surprised me somewhat as he lives someplace quite like our place only with a much newer house and much neater garden, but hey, nature walks are always good by me.

He loved popping the touch me nots and wanted to plant the seeds that popped out.

 We have touch me not seeds planted everywhere. Again, fine by me.
 I told him seeds come all different ways and we wandered over to check out the corn seeds.
He couldn't believe that those brightly colored seeds could pop and wanted to try that out.  I had to slip away to Bible study, so I turned that job over to Pap and reminded him to get a picture.
The next morning I downloaded the pictures and there were no popcorn piks.  I texted Pap and said, "Dude, where are the popcorn pictures?"  Crack up. He said Blue Eyes had to potty- right now, the popcorn was starting to pop and the phone was ringing.  Then, music to my ears he texted, "I don't know how you do it all."  
Ahh, with a lot of help from a Handy Man and sometimes a Blue Eyed Boy.

Friday, September 26, 2014

And Number Three

So, we actually managed three dates last week. Pap and I were on roll.  Last Friday night was Baby Boy's date night.
As with the first two, this began at the Ol' Fishin' Hole.  Woo Hoo, what a catch!
 I was not sure we'd be able to fill this little mister's wish list, but we kept pressing on.  He wanted to build a fire and cook his ravioli over his fire, so we did.

I thought putting the noodles in the sandwich maker might be better than try to hold them over the fire on a stick.  It worked pretty well.
 Ahh, chores must be done even on date night.  Feed the pooch and chicks.
 Gather the eggs.

Another wish was for a science experiment.  We turned liquids to a solid that he then referred to as 
"floppy dough."  
We usually call it GAK, but floppy dough is fairly accurate.

 Next, it was out to Pap's shop for some serious woodworking. First you have to trace your pattern on the wood.  How about a sword?

Next, the skill saw, Pap giving us woodshop rules all the while to keep us safe.

 Next the sanding.  My man Baby Boy was most serious about the whole process.
 Well, till we got to the rubbing on of bees wax.  He told me it smelled like bee farts.  I said that I wasn't sure I had smelled bee farts, but it did remind me of honey.

Next, it was time to embellish the sword with the wood burner.

Tah dah, all date wishes duly filled and so ends the week of marathon dates with one tired Gramerly and Pap.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Papperly Chronicles Number Two

So, next in line for a date was our little brown eyed Button.  What a dolly.  I was a little concerned about pick-up as she has some separation anxiety. Sure enough, wasn't positive the date was going to happen.  We pulled out with a teary little girl, but in a few short moments I could only hear some residual sniffing.  She wasn't talking to us mind you, but no longer crying - whew.
Her list did not have anything checked, but after hearing her sister talk about fishing, she brought a little pole along.  I know at two, it's more about casting and reeling in, so we just headed down to the creek.
 The creek is such a peaceful place with a two year old.  There is not end to the fascination of rocks and water. I think I could have sat there all evening, but for the seventy two pointy rocks pressing into my backside.  Here the thrill was dripping water into Pappy's hand.  She talks plenty for two, but later than her siblings.  It was so funny that she'd say one thing that sounded exactly like her brother and then something else that sounded exactly like her sister.

 Then her own little phrases like, "one moah(more), one moah" as she counted rocks before tossing them in.

 She ordered macaroni and cheese, so while I was preparing it, she enjoyed a little pretend cooking.

 Now, in case you ever need to know, the noodles go on the tines of the fork, one at a time.  This would take an unusually long time to eat one's supper, so between tine filled fork fulls "one moah, one moah," you just shovel a fist full in.

 What, you have poppers? Be still my heart.  Pop, pop, pop

 I bought this when Bean was a baby and Pap had to put in new batteries for I believe the first time in ten years.  Do you remember, back in the day, when you'd get a toy that used batteries and the batteries were dead in thirty minutes?  I appreciate that advance in technology. She sang us the songs as they played and of course chanted, "one moah, one moah," as they came off and on, off and on.

 We ended the evening with a little pirate fun.
Sweet girl.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Papperly Chronicles

I love Playdates, for reasons I've stated here numerous times.  One thing though that's missing from Playdates is extended one on one time with individual Gramerlings.  I feel that even more  when school is in session.  I try to be very on my game, but I still spend a good bit of Playdate evening fixing and serving supper.  With the times the Captain has to be gone and Ceece having to photograph when people are off work I end up with lots of extra time with Bugg and Bean.  Also, I have had several special Giddy-up only Playdates, as you can tell from them being featured most on the blog.  The others, not so much.
With that in mind, I decided to invite them to a special date. Just one kidlet and two adults.  I sent them an invitation with, oh, about fourteen choices, twelve with me and two with Pappy.  Their job was to mark appropriate days, times and choice for supper, then to pick a few activities.
Well don't you know, those activities with Gramerly are old news.  They've done crafts, nature walked, cooked and experimented with me since they were days old.  Pappy, now that is another story.  Fishing with Pap, and joy of joys, working in Pap's workshop, always off limits on Playdates, were the number one picks.
I knew we needed to get right on the dates, especially with the youngest ones, so last week we had three special dates.  Hats off to Pappy who has worn his popularity well.
Buttercup got the first date.
Pappy picked her up after work and they headed to the lake.
 One little fishy.
 I had things ready to roll when she got back.  She had ordered bean soup and cornbread for supper, so first she whipped up the corn muffins.
 While they were baking, we headed out to do chores.  She fed the chickens.
 Next we gathered eggs.
 She enjoyed her yummy corn muffins and soup.
 After supper I asked her what she wanted to do next. She wanted to play in the tree fort, followed by some swing set fun.  I reminded her that she also mentioned doing a craft and there might not be time for everything.  She wisely suggested we do the art work outside.  Great idea. We headed up to the tree fort and created some autumn art.
A fast evening, but time to head home.  The question of the day was, "When is the next date?"  With eleven dates on calendar, not very soon I'm afraid, but this one sure was fun!
Skipping past the next two dates which I will detail later for the archives, Pap and I ran away for the day Saturday.  Today is birthday party and tomorrow(the actual day) is another date, so we celebrated our anniversary yesterday.  Beautiful day, much enjoyed.  How do you know anything really when you are twenty. Thankfully, I believed someone knew more than me when I said, "I do," to the Handy Man.  Thirty-five years and there is no place I would rather have been yesterday then with him.  Thank you Lord!  I told him that the best gift he could have given me, was being so present for our Gramerly date nights- sweet.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Perfection

Ahh, a perfect weekend to celebrate my birthday.  I did not cook, at all, for four whole days! That in its self would have been wonderful, but there was much more wonderful besides.  Because I needed to work on the actual day and had Bible Study in the evening, we started the fun with a Sunday morning hike to Hemlock Cliffs.
I've only been in the spring and none of the other family besides Handy Man have gone. I wanted to see it in the fall as well as experience it through some little eyes.
This boy is thrilled to be snuggled up warm and tight with his Papa, ready for the hike.

And Giddy-up is ever ready for an adventure.  This was a huge chunk of sand stone, that folks have rubbed into a big pile of sand.  You could see the layers and in fact, pick them up and squish them into sand. Perfect for driving your car around in.

Though not as numerous as in spring, there were still flowers to be found and lots of interesting fungi.

Lots of spots to stop and have a rest and a snack and a smooch.

Up the side of the cliff  and into the cave like opening, where charcoal was found for drawing.

I think hobbits would live here most happily.  Can't you picture it?

 A good place for a  hand holding stroll.

 And every boy's delight- a pond, with frogs and turtles and boatmen and warm squishy mud to stick your feet in.

 We headed back home to enjoy some more sunshine, some deewishus homemade lemon birthday cupcakes,  and Mr. Smiley's very first ride in the dolphin swing.

 Hey, Gramerly, I like the feel of this bright green stuff.

 Oh, you didn't know?  Why yes, I am sitting up all by my lonesome at only four and a half months. So big!
So lovely.
Then Bean and Bugg, Ceece and the Captain came by with homemade tortilla chips and salsa, a so cute Gramerly bag and sweet homemades from Bean and Bugg.

I met up with Ol' Mother Hubbard and her crew, along with sister Tish for a quick bite and yummy strawberry pretzel salad before heading to Bible Study. There was a balloon guy and Miss Linnee is simply fetching in her party hat.

So very much sweetness in so very many ways made for a most wonderful day!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just a Blue Eyed Boy

It it isn't often I get to sneak away from my own classroom to be part of Grandparent's Day and never before with this guy, but this year I did.
I was at this school with the bunnies once for Linee and Antebellie, but they've since changed locations.  It was a very fitting environment for a four year old.

 We painted our hands to create a family tree.

Next he worked with his Grandpa to fancy up a card.

He showed me all the favorite places he likes to play before I left. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch my students completed their Punch and Judy puppets and did a great job putting on a show for their reading buddies.

The weather here is just delicious.  I've been out weeding and digging bulbs for a friend. I'm excited to go to Hemlock Cliffs tomorrow.