Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tonight while Bean was visiting, I pulled out his homework and found an old faithful friend,
Corduroy. I love that book. Being as young a first grader as he is, I was quite impressed with his fluency. He was only tripped up by "accident" and "palace." Though it is a children's book, there are many multi-syllabic words and he didn't even slow down.
It brought back memories of the many years I did the speech contest at the elementary school. Rae-rae did that book in first grade or second grade I think. She probably won, she did most years.
Due to President's Day, Bean is back on his Revolutionary and Civil War kick. How fortuitous that I had just purchased two CD's for him. One was American History stories about different wars, the first story being about Paul Revere and the second CD was all about Ol' Abe. That child is the best listener. I stuck the CD in the computer after we had discussed both wars, in addition to the War of 1812, all through supper. Supper takes a while when you have to stop and sing "The Battle of New Orleans" through several times. Miss Bugg loves that song as well. He sat quietly, simply absorbed in the story.
Never fear, while Bean was riding through Boston, Bugg was enthralled with a CD about princesses, in the playroom. Of course she had her dolls to act out what she was hearing. I love watching them learn and play and pretend. What a joy!
Kaye has thankfully averted another crisis and a better type of dialysis should be in place next Monday. Meanwhile a good friend and pastor, Steve, is fighting a ferocious infection and needs our prayers. As well, our little Gideon, who is not yet taking the hint that he needs to turn his wee self around to make his exit into this world, needs to do just that. Thanks for your prayers.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Showers

Today I have a baby shower on the agenda. Along with the invitation came a notice of registry. I am a registry adherent. There is such unbelievable variety in what is out there, so I it just makes sense to get what the person wants.
Today, I didn't.
Babies and books just seem to go hand in hand for me. I daily see the difference in children who have been read to and talked to at length. There are a million books out there these days. Aren't we blessed? There are a few though (um, actually a few dozen), that I think no book reading mommy and future book loving baby should be without. It's painful for me to cut it down to just a few, but I managed.
I Kissed the Baby by Mary Murphy has such bold, contrasting pictures that babies love looking at it. I use my best quacking voice when I read, and the affect are those deep, belly laughs that are such sweet music to a Gramerly's ear. We delight in giving endless smooches to our babies, so it seems a perfect choice.
Wild Child by Lynn Pourde, is another favorite. I read this book to my Gramerlings, my fourth graders and my college students. Kids lives are so totally full these days. It is rush to this and rush to that. I love the notion of opportunities for them to live in the moment, carefree for a time. This book has wonderful illustrations and interesting vocabulary. It's quick and easy and great for making connections.
The Water Hole by Graeme Base is another that I use in a plethora of ways and that children love. You could spend a good deal of time just looking at one illustration and talking about it. It's a fabulous book for onomatopoeia, habitats, water cycle, conservation and my absolute favorite counting book.
Again, choosing from so many "favorites" is challenging, but this is a good start for a first library I think.

Kaye is home, not feeling well, but home. The UTI is thankfully not a stubborn variety. The dry weight Pete had for her going into dialysis was wrong, therefore he wasn't taking off enough water. Hopefully, that is easily remedied. She has another black toe tip and they roto-rooted her artery again in hopes of encouraging blood flow and healing. Bless their hearts.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Update on Kaye

A different type of dialysis was used that took off a lot of water and made breathing easier. Pete is checking into how to do a better dialysis at home. A never ending roll of red tape to slog through. She is responsive, but weak. Still no word on uti type. A change in meds for the heart, as she can't handle much else. Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Prayer Time

Kaye had a heart attack last night at 11:00, of the congestive heart failure type. Her lungs are filled with fluid and she has another UTI. Thank you for prayers that the Lord will be merciful.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweetest Day

So Wednesday was the last day I would have the Bean and Bugg before Valentine's Day, so I covertly slipped their Pocket Loveys in their coat pockets, then told them I made them a storybook. After I read the story, they were checking their pockets. When they turned up empty, I told them to check their coat pockets. Both Bean and Bugg enjoyed their story and their new friend. The one above is Ninja, Bean's Lovey. I felted a wee heart on his back pocket in honor of the day.
Now I need to get busy on Ol' Mother Hubbard's oldest ones. I'll have to have Ol' Father Hubbard give me the low down on a tractor so I can make Ol' Henry's story an interesting one.
On a grandparents blog I read, the question was posed, "Are two year olds terrible or terrific?"
For the life of me I can't understand where that phrase could have originated. I love two year olds. Buttercup was here today, all two years and five months of her. She is certainly a bright little cookie, full of wonder and interest in the world. I love another chance to see life through her enthusiastic eyes.
We've been blessed with a bit of a warm-up, so I was able to swing her for a very long time. I am always making up songs as I swing and today it was about the ocean and dolphins. She was, of course, aboard the beloved dolphin swing. She added a verse about going out in a boat, of her own accord, right on tune. While we were swinging, one of the chickie girls announced the arrival of an egg. Buttercup said, "Oh, they are crying." I told her they weren't crying but clucking because someone laid an eggs. She exclaimed, "And eating with their little chins."
She counts to sixteen, and knows her colors. We were coloring today and I was drawing her. I just made a head and she said, "Where is my arms?" I added arms and asked, "What else is missing." She then told me everything that was missing from the picture as I drew each thing in place.
I love their vocabulary and trying out new things, some successfully, some not so much. We gathered eggs before she left. She peered in the nest and said, "Oh, you can't eat those sweaters." I was stumped for a second, before I realized there was a feather wrapped around an egg and that is what she meant. So adorable!
So thankful to the Good Lord today for the blessings of Buttercups and sunshine, and sweaters and feathers-sweet!
Now, if you pose a question about three year olds, I will have a completely different tale to tell!

Monday, February 7, 2011

More Tea Pictures

Another view of the beautiful table.
Sipping pink fizzy drinks.
This picture cracks me up. Fancy Nancy's all over the place.
If you have a girlie-girl and don't know about Fancy Nancy, you need to be looking her up.
Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.
Ol'Mother Hubbard with the birthday girl.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

High Tea at Auntie SuZQ's

La, large weather we're having son! This has been a crazy day in Indiana. We've had some rain, some snow, some ice, some sunshine, and some hail today. See the little tiny ice balls sprinkled all over the sidewalk? But, I was warm and cozy at Auntie SuZQ's for high tea in celebration of Miss Linee's third birthday

Is it beginning to look inviting?

Well,we need some accoutrements.
Come on in.

You must add a little tea drinking princess.
Happy Birthday sweetest dumplin'.