Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Warm Up

At the first hint of a warm day, with nothing more pressing to do, I have delusions of the all the grand things I will accomplish outside.  
This morning I started by cleaning out the herb bed.  I ordered seeds this week, so now the bed is ready.  However that warm up hadn't quite arrived when I went out this morning.  After twenty minutes my fingers and toes were frozen,  so I figured I'd best move to something a little more physical, or I was going to be moving my chubby self somewhere warm, like the couch maybe, with another cup of coffee, a good book- snap out of it!
Here is  the wood pile.  This is a pile of all the trees that fall around the place throughout the year.  Handy Man uses it for the wood stove in the wood shop.
Every spring and every fall I move it, yes I do.  Why?  Well, it will warm you up fairly quickly that's for sure, but not the real reason.   I have no desire to provide a cozy home for mice, snakes, skunks or opossums.  In addition, it turns the wood, so it dries a bit better for the fire. 
 There is a still another real positive to this activity. 
I see a pile of dead debris and leaves.  My girls see that someone finally turned on the neon "Now Serving Breakfast" sign over  removed wood pile.  
They are deliriously happy snatching up protein left and right.

At the end of summer we found a sitting hen.   A bit unusual in late August.  Before whatever she was sitting on was done, she was booted off the nest by mama hen number two- weird.  Well, mama two hatched one little chicken.  Yellow Chick Awesome clearly believed those girls inferior and tossed them off the nest and took over mothering the new baby.  The baby grew, and showing no signs of rooster behavior, we were happy to have another hen.

A few weeks, I was turning over brown gold in the coop and noticed something. A new rooster.  Umm, where would we get a new rooster?  Strangely, the hen matured much later than I am accustomed to and is in fact one gorgeous rooster.  Those auburn feathers on his back make me wish I could paint and capture that color somehow.

Isn't he fine?

If you live around these parts, I'd like to tell you about our visit to a restaurant in Corydon.  The Green Door is fine dining in downtown Corydon.  It is only open on Friday and Saturday and has, oh maybe twelve items on the menu.  A sweet friend treated Handy Man and I to dinner there.  Between us we tried  about 8 different dishes, all amazing.  I hope they make it.  Isn't it a thrill to be treated to a delicious dinner and good company?  I love it.

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  1. He is very handsome! You have such a nice life.