Saturday, March 30, 2013

Danger- Cuteness Abounds

Is it a buppy or a punny?

This picture of Strider's backside cracks me up.

 Handy Man voiced what he felt sure was Strider's feelings, "Mom you are embarrassing me!"
 Well, he's rotten.  I was really good and went against every nurturing instinct in my bones and put him in the chicken yard from day one.  We have a little yard pen that we put around his doghouse and filled the house with straw and the area in the pen. He actually slept on his blanket, on the straw, in the house that Jack built for a few nights, but now mostly drags it all out  to flop on.  He seemed mostly content.
 When I would leave in the morning he would whine, but was quickly interested in his food.
That is, until Thursday Playdate.  My brother was being recognized in a meeting by an eco group for the savings in energy and recycling (Kudos Tim) he's brought to the company he works for, so Swee-tee couldn't come.  Bean was off on a Spring Break with a buddy, so it was just Bugg, Linee and Antebellie- puppies.  Right over the pen Strider came.  We'd felt, till this point that he was  really a bit of a quiet, timid boy.  Apparently not.  Flipping, rolling, prancing to impress those puppy girls.  Now he goes in his pen, if we go in. If he sees us come out, over the pen he goes.  He's in a bigger pen, so this isn't a problem, until it's time for the girls to go in and need the gate open.  We just have to watch them
Here I'm trying to get a picture of his pure white eyelashes.  I don't recall Arwen's eyelashes.  Arwen's black eyeliner was broken, but Strider's is solid.
He's a fun boy.

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