Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Little Sassy Pants Leaves a Big Empty

Playdate was switched this week so Pap and I would have an opportunity to spend a  last afternoon with our little wayside Sassy Pants.  I've talked a great deal about foster care between my daughter and a co-worker friend who also fosters.  I know all about how it works.  I sometimes just can't wrap my head around how it just doesn't always work in the best interest of the child.  Still, we knew what we were signing on for.  My aim was to be as Gramerly to her as I was to the rest.  I still think that was the right thing to do.  That comes at a cost.  When it is time for them to go, a piece of you goes along.
Me aside, my child's home is missing a piece that had long since settled in. For their family and for Sassy Pants, I grieve more than for myself.  I doubt Mr. Smiley has any memories of life before a sister.

We've had five little ones to love temporarily and I pray for each of them, as well as the two my friend has loved.  You hold to hope that the stability they've known might be something they seek and hopefully find in their wee tumble bumble life.  Prayers appreciated.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


It is officially Spring Break, though Mother Nature was obviously not consulted.  Snow predicted today, ewwww.  This has been a long winter.
As usual, behind on the pictures and activities happening around these parts.  A couple of weeks past, Giddy-Up and I attended a Lip Sync show featuring Missy Bugg in song after song.  What an entertaining evening.
As you are about to see, our bathroom is under construction.  On its best day, this ol' tumble down house is a mess, but it is currently particularly awful.  I had a friend in need and I didn't want to have to deal with a local restaurant to talk and share and maybe boo hoo a bit.  So, I just swallowed hard and said, "Come on over and be careful where you step."   I so appreciate those friends who can look beyond the yucck to what is sweet.

So, after dealing with getting my frail Mama in some bathrooms and in her own tub- ahem, why are there tubs in assisted living? I digress.  Anyway, we've begun the process of tearing out that wall you see straight ahead so the living room door will now be the bathroom door and the toilet will no longer be sequestered in a tiny closet.  All decisions are based on if a rolly chair fill fit.

 The tub on the left will be replaced by a walk-in shower.  Your next question might be is all this to move Mom to my house?  No.  Even with the changes, this is the only downstairs bath and still too far from a bedroom to make it work for her.  I just know that as we age, we are not always expecting the need for a rolly chair, or wheelchair until it's here and you aren't ready or able to do anything about it. So Handy Man has been busier than he has been in quite sometime. 
 I'm glad I never tried to build a house.  Just the decisions about this little bathroom are making me crazy.  Some dear friends who do this more than me and have a plumbing background are coming to dinner Friday to share wisdom with us on how to finish this up.

Our first spring activity was to make a spring bouquet from branches, jelly beans and tissue paper.
 Since my little Wayside Sassy Pants has been having long weekend visits elsewhere, I've hardly seen her.  I was happy to have her for the activity.
 Mr. Smiley says, "Pshaw"  to spring crafts, give me that drill from the bathroom.  That boy is tool crazy.

 Bean moved up to the next age group in swimming, but still made his cuts for the state meet in Indy.  I went early and spent a couple of days with  my friend, the Queen of Hospitality, who lives there. I so enjoyed the visit with her and hubby, with a side trip to her darling girl's and her sweet munchkins.  She took me on my maiden voyage to IKEA and I found the craft room of my dreams.
Bean did great moving up to the older group.
At 1:17:18 you will hear his name several times, ummm, his real name, and watch him take the lead and finish first in this group.  Not having strong athletes in our family, it is just kind of a thrill to hear them talk about him like on grown up sport programs.  I've watched this ten times.
I returned home Sunday and Spring Playdate was yesterday.  Thank the Lord, the rain held off till we had herded them all back in for a big turkey feast.
Last summer I bought stuff to start a fairy house.  We never managed to even start it.  Their interests were just elsewhere.  Yesterday,  the notion struck and stuck and we spent a couple of hours under the tree fort designing.  They have big plans to expand all the way around the tree to create a village.  How much did I love to watch this in play.

I love how one comes up with an idea that activates an idea in the next one and on it goes.  They were enchanted that there were "glow in the dark" beads and decided to create lamps to light the way.  Sassy Pants called them "glow dark beads."  They worked and worked.  Ahh, my joy. And also why my house is ever a work in progress, because, yes, I can pull glow dark beads, glue, string and tiny glass vials for potions, with lavender to go inside, right out of my hat.
 They also enjoyed riding a tiny dump truck down the hill.  I enjoy how this boy, who was so tiny on his first Playdate is now the big helper and friend to all the littles.
 I think fairies will hardly be able to wait to spend some time here.
 Bean and Bugg had school.  We are required to be in school during Holy Week, so my spring break was off from the Gramerlings.  Pap went and got them after school.  After the other littles headed home, we were able to talk all things swim and music.  Bean introduces me to new songs we both love.
 Since her spring break is not the same as mine, she'll be able to come spend the day with me at school next week.
Off to my first eye appointment in about twenty years, and then more people to see.  The weather may be cool, but spending time with my people warms my heart!  Thank you Lord for such an abundance of blessings.