Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just Anticipating Over Here

If you recall the children gave Handy Man and I a bee kit for Christmas. Whilst I entertained the idea of bees, along with goats and my cow, I didn't know if it would happen.  Handy Man's been busy as a bee making me two hives.  I think most people buy them, but I have a very handy Man you see.

Doesn't it look magnificent?  All ready for some little fuzzy buzzers.  Most beekeepers have this type of Langstroth hive, but I've read a lot about  a different way to do it, allowing the bees to build from a top bar instead of an inserted frame like the one above.  Naturally, I felt the need to have one of those as well
This is a side view before he painted it.  He made me a window so I can see inside without taking off the lid.
 Bars go across the top and the bees build on the bars.
 We've been to a our first meeting and ordered our bees.  It's kind of risky business.  I'm reading in blogs and hearing from bee keepers about many, many lost hives this winter.  Even though I ordered two boxes of bees, I am going to try to attract a feral hive.  If I'm successful, Handy Man will have to build another hive.  Bees are just fascinating, so we're giving it our best shot. I'll be praying over these bees just like the chicks and eggs.
So, in the coming weeks we will be getting Bantam eggs, boxes of bees and a new puppy.  Oh my!

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  1. Your Handy Man really is very handy and you are going to have such a wonderful summer! A new puppy and new bees!