Monday, September 19, 2016

You Say Tomato, I Say Heaven

Wow, the way to my birthday heart- heirloom tomatoes. When Aunt Tish presented me with this giant gift, that weighed a ton, I could not even imagine what was in it.  I was so surprised by a box of heirloom tomatoes. It has been a happy tomato fest in these parts as I eat them for breakfast, lunch and supper and hold to hope that before the box is gone, I'll be good and full of tomatoes and happy to wait until July for my next one.  That has never happened, so we'll see.

 Bean and Bugg visited for the weekend.  We went to see a movie, an animated flick based on Robinson Curuso.  The animation was terrific, but the story was lame.  Next we tried the new little pizza joint, Toppt's. I was not much impressed with it either, but enjoyed the time with the kidlets.

Say fish, and you'll see this big smile on Bean's face.  After church, he and Pap spent the afternoon at the pond.
 Missy Bugg had a game.
 She was  up for a free throw and I had the camera poised to capture the moment if the ball went in.  You know, I'm not small and I was on the first row, the aisle seat with this black box pressed to face in the middle of a game, for which I assume all the small audience was there to see.  Right when the ball goes in, a kid, probably fourteen or so, steps right in front of the camera. I mean inches from my face,  and I missed the whoosh.  I think that is the thing that generally just makes me crazy.  Simply going along with whatever is on your mind, and not worrying the least about how your actions affect someone else.
After the game, we headed out to visit Mom.  She was some better from last week, but still struggling with easy breathing.
It was a busy weekend. Hope it was a good one for you.

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Big Birth Week

Happy Birthday on this Labor Day to Aunt Tish, Aunt SuZQ and Jakester. Tomorrow- Happy, Happy to Laurie Lou!
A rather low key weekend for me.  Since we've gotten chickens and lots of gramerlings, my front yard has looked like a place where feral children and animals play.  With no sun, and chickens who eat nine of every ten grass seeds you throw out, it was just a mess.  Since my littles enjoy chasing chickens and riding jeeps and go-karts better than grass and flowers, I've let it go.
The recent tree removal, however has allowed some sun in my front yard for perhaps the first time ever.  In addition, I've a notion to have a couple of soirees this fall and I'd rather not have my guests be wide eyed and ask if I have feral children and animals about.  So I hauled myself to the nursery for the big holiday 75% off sale to put in a little front garden.   I should've taken the pictures this morning. When the sun shines through the pine on this little space it is all red gold and glowing and makes me smile.  My hope is there are enough plants disliked by deer to keep them eating stuff further from the house. If not, well then I can answer honestly, yes, this is where feral animals have dinner.
This past week Gardner E. and I made weed pockets with my students.  I made them at home with the kidlets that showed up for Playdate.  Well, we made Wayside Rosie's for her posies.
 My little missy had been all smiles and sweetness through dinner prep and supper, but when Pap finished eating, she was ready for a snooze and so was he.

 Gee, I'll have to try this picture another time of the day.  You can see that some green stuff is actually starting to fill in the dirt patch.
 That highlighted butterfly bush in the corner is a new plant. As soon as I sat it down, critters were all over it. I just love it.
I wasn't able to get Mom bathed on Thursday as she was too short of breath, so I returned on Saturday.  She is absolutely not herself, which usually means another UTI.  Bless her heart.  She gets a week or two off before we're right back on antibiotics that make her sick.
I hope you found something lovely in this holiday.