Sunday, May 27, 2018

Scruffy Sure 'Nough

Recently a friend posted an article from another blog on Facebook-   It is about offering hospitality, though things might look a little scruffy.
Right or wrong, I have always felt bad in certain audiences about the way my house looks.  On its very best dressed day there is a closed door, or two, or five that the content looks like the wreck of the Hesperus.  I am not neat.  I make it my business to be able pull any needed craft, art or cooking utensil out of my hat when one of those gramerlings has a hankering. I like my stuff where I can see it.  That is fine with me, but means you can see it too and hence, at times, I feel judged.  I wonder how many other people don't offer hospitality for this reason. It doesn't stop me, and thankfully I have a tribe of people who overlook this for the good food and hospitality on offer.  For all the rest, I try to set things in some kind of order.
I remember when Glenda passed away. The days preceding Playdate, when I usually do a major clean, I was at the hospital night and day. I was at the hospital at 7:30 that morning, saying my last sad, "Goodbye."  Soon the phone calls started, assuming I would cancel, but that day more than most, I needed to see some sweet, lively faces, sought some distraction and they came.  With no preparations it was Playdate all the same.
Probably a smarter person would not have guests at all during a major remodel, but I wanted Noelle to see where I work and I thought she might enjoy hearing some Swahili in our school's production of Lion King, Jr.   Also, we needed to celebrate Handy Man's birthday, so in spite of this- my living room with all the needed supplies for the bathroom as well as the contents of said bathroom, life went on with dinners and celebrations

Scruffy enough for ya?
And behind Door #1-what was once a bathroom.  My guys have all been working and working to reroute the water and get it ready for  the new stuff.

Not sure Bean knew what he was in for when he had to move a pipe through the room next door, under the floor.

Of course, the Captain and Drummer Boy knew exactly what they were doing putting Bean  down there.

When the younger crew is here, Handy Man takes a back seat and does what they tell him.  Otherwise he's kicking it.

It was only about 90 degrees this day and Michael had to dig the hole several more inches down.
When they released Bean from the dungeon, we headed to the creek.  We've been several times this year.
 Scout went to far for Bean's comfort chasing ducks.
Aren't minnows a glorious thing?

Oooooo, eggs.

So, I got Noella and Ivonne before the Musical and we had supper together.
 This kid makes so many faces, he just makes me laugh.

 Giddy-up loves musicals.
 I'm not sure what Noella thought. It took both of us to keep the little wild man entertained.
I do so many projects in my class.  There are times I wonder if it has an impact at all.  A young college graduate who came to work at school this year, and was one of my fourth graders, saw the book we were reading, Becoming Naomi Leon, in my room and commented that she didn't throw away  the soap carving she did with that book until she got married last September.  This was in the showcase with kid's cast pictures.  We first wove a rug, then rug hooked the mane.  It belongs to a kiddo who will be a junior this year.

Giddy -up wanted his picture made with the lions.

Last night's birthday for Handy Man ended in the creek as well.  We did some fishing for minnows and crayfish and some fossil mining as well.  Handy Man and I sat on the bank, watching all our littles.  I shared with him that I knew people aspired to great things, but for me, this was it.  Nothing better than a creek full of happy campers.  We are blessed.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bean's Focus on Mr. Smiley

Mr. Smiley, with Bean behind the camera.  Like trying to catch a buttered biscuit.

This is one busy boy.
So ends the photo shoot at the park.  
Oh wait. I think I took this one.

Around here, the remodel continues, and continues and continues.  I am really doubting why I ever thought this was a good idea.  Handy, Captain, Drummer Boy, Michael and Bean have worked and worked and we still have miles to go.  
I better head back out and toss in a few more tomatoes.  I went a little wild with tomatoes this year.  Likely evidence of how much I'm missing them. I would love to supply everyone who loves them like me.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Into the Woods

Before visiting Mom, me and some of my people went on a little woods hike at a nearby park. As I've shared before, I've been handing the camera over to Bean and Bugg for sometime.  It is always fun to see their view, things we noticed together, things I missed.  Here are some of my Saturday favorites.

Such life stored in a tiny seed.

This kid's need to photograph his shoes- crack up.

This biggo tree fell and was high interest to everyone.

Who can resist the promise in this tiny treasure- all kinds of cute.

And what kind of foot is this?

Ummm, what is Gothmog, from Lord of the Rings, doing in these woods?

My love for racoons has faded as my love for my chickie girls has increased. Still, I'm fascinated by their wee hands.

Umm, does this look like to you, what it looks like to me?

Like acorns, snail shells fascinate me.
Gardener E, if you click on a picture, you can see them all bigger.

Up next, Bean's photo shoot of Mr. Smiley.