Saturday, March 16, 2013

Do You See What I See

I see some signs of spring.
It is coming. Slowly here, with lots of rain, but we're seeing all the signs. 
The Lenten Rose in full bloom-

Some warm days for trying out your climbing skills.  
Wait for Pappy please sweet boy.

I imagine he feels pretty powerful up there, finally being the tallest guy around.

Ahhh, and the new arrivals-

Prince William, better known as Billy Goat.
You might remember that the family of one of my students is currently raising Strider.  We're on Spring Break this week and they had a weekend camping trip planned.  Unplanned was the very early arrival of triplet goats.  Two of them were too tiny and didn't make it.  This little fella seems to be managing, but requires very frequent feedings and vigilant care.  Handy Man and I get be the camping caregivers.

He is the tiniest, sweetest little thing.

Seeds came this week. Lettuce goes in the herb box.
Spring is rolling in.

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  1. Babysitting Prince William would be almost as much fun as babysitting one of the grandchildren! So sweet looking! Amara is on her way over and I can't wait to show her! Not what you see everyday in the big city -- thanks for sharing!