Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miss Bugg's Birthday

My sweet Bugg turned 4 last week. Fast fly the years.
I wrote Bean a song for his sixth birthday, so she wanted a song for her birthday too.
I mind pretty well. Bean was watching a movie with Pappy, and she and I were playing a game in the living room. I told her I wrote the song and did she want to go swing and sing. Her response was so cute. You would have thought it was Christmas.
Thank you Zak Brown.
Tune- Chicken Fried
Oh, I love a little Missy Bugg
Wrap her up in warm soft hug
Makes the strings of my heart tug
When I hold her tight
I love the way her red hair curls
How she's such a girly girl
And the way her blue eyes dance
in the morning llll iiii ght

She started out as just a tiny bit,
Five pounds you know,
But lots of attitude and grit and
A will to grow,
Now she's all I want to talk about
with a pixie face behind that smart mouth

Oh I love my little Missy Bugg.....

So, I thank God for this girl
The way she'll dance and swirl
The way that smile of hers
Lights up my world
If we sing or swing
Or do the princess thing
It matters not to me
Cause I love her soo ooo ooo.
We weren't out long when Bean appeared on the scene. He can smell when that old dolphin swings starts up. He patiently drew on his marker board, waiting his turn. When he got in the swing he asked me to hand him the board and marker. I said, "Are you going to write while you swing?" He said, "Yeah." I asked, "What you writing?" He replied, "Wait, you'll see." So I pushed and pushed and finally he said, "You can read it now." It said
I bo not no much abut my grandma bt I no I have a place in sid her heart
(I do not know much about my grandma, but I know I have a place inside her heart)
whaaaaaaaaa precious

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September is Celebration Time

Mercy, we have a lot that goes on in September. I've lost count of the birthdays, but mine was in the mix along with a brother, two sisters, a sister-in-law, two nieces and a nephew and two gramerlings. If that weren't enough, tomorrow is my 31st anniversary and as you know, Tim got married and it's the anniversary month of a niece and a sister. That doesn't count friends, three of whom share my birthday. Crazy!
I had a good birthday. I always find birthdays kind of strange. I've never been a good gift receiver. I love those people who flip out over presents like it's the best thing they've ever received. Is it embarrassment I feel? I 'm not sure.
Rae-rae, who usually sees to such events for the Handy Man, jumped ship. Between Handy Man, 1st Lt. and Drummer Boy, you'd have better luck trying to communicate with Arwen using a string and a tin cup. Anyway, they managed to get it together and along with the wives, pulled it off. Ceece brought that yummy lemon cake you see pictured above and Gwen made a delicious spinach salad. Missy Bugg and Buttercup only had eyes for birthday cake.
On Sunday, we celebrated Buttercup's second birthday. But today is her actual birthday. Happiest Birthday Sweet Blue-eyed Buttercup! We're so glad for you!
She had been talking about cupcakes for a month.
Hmm, wonder who I look like? Where did my forehead, head shape and chin come from. Wonder?
By the way, Happy Anniversary to my very ownest Handy Man. I love you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Spring Baby

We're expecting a new gramerling!
Rae-rae and Michael are home from Scandinavia and sharing the happy news.
Expected arrival- April 2011

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Day

All of my life I've heard of this little chapel in Crestwood, but have never been there. It's at the end of a wiggity path, where in parts you can barely pass an oncoming car, as Pete can attest. It is a memorial chapel in a little cemetery- very quaint.
The stain glass was beautiful.
The groom and his bride lovely.

Last year at this time I wouldn't have bet a nickel that Kaye or Mom either one would be here to share an event of any kind. They were both so very sick and in the hospital this time last year. But celebrate they did~

Mom meeting her newest great grandson while Annabelle gazes lovingly on.
Uncle 1st Lt. holding the boy who's eyes are going to be as big as his sisters.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Houston, We Have a Floor

While Pappy and Buttercup and I picked pumpkins, threw rocks in the creek, fed the chickie girls some wood sorrel and had multiple long swings in Old Blue Dolphin, Drummer Boy finished the floor and 1st Lt. came and nodded his approval.

A much deserved rest and a Popsicle.
Not too shabby from woodshed remnants.

It is beautiful. Many thanks my Handy Man Husband and my Handy Man Boys. I said I might just leave it just like this and be a Shaker for awhile. It is very peaceful room at the moment.

Rae Rae phoned at noon from Scandinavia saying they had arrived safely and it is 6 pm there.

My next post will show off my baby brother and his new bride. I must be making tracks to the wedding.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And the Floor Goes On and On and On

The flooring is all in now.

The stain is Colonial Maple.
Now finish, buff, finish, buff, finish, buff- done. A lot of hard work for the men folk.
The spring babies are laying. Does anyone want to start chicken farming? I'll supply a rooster and two hens?

Miracle- Kaye saw the vascular surgeon today and he reports that oxygen is now reaching the toes.
Hallelujah!!! This may mean that the toes will heal inside out. While the most of me is rejoicing, a part of me wonders why in the world it takes so long to get anything done. I cannot keep my mind from wandering how much pain they would have saved her and mental anguish on Pete's part as well as the rest of us, if the artery had been opened six weeks ago when Pete started bringing it to their attention.
Uncle Berry is responding quite well physically, but not so much mentally. He should be moving to a nursing home.
Thank you for all prayers.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Uncle Berry

In this past year of posting, I've written a couple of times about my Aunt Lois and Uncle Berry. Really, they've been much more like grandparents to me than aunt and uncle. They lived on lake through my own children's growing up years and we spent many long weekends with them.
Yesterday afternoon, Uncle Berry suffered a stroke. They spent a very restless night at the hospital. Though he knows his wife and son, he's not at all sure of his whereabouts, or what he's doing there. Thankfully, Aunt Lois reports that the nurses are taking care of her as well and allowing her to stay in the bed beside him. Uncle Berry is 96 and Aunt Lois is 90. Randy will take good care of them I know, but prayers for their peace, comfort and healing are appreciated.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to the Squatley's

Please do not stop by to visit.
My couch is on the front porch. It's lovely wondering what the neighbors are saying as they drive in and out.
This getting a new floor is a bit of a long and drawn out process.
First, how to use the wood we have. 1st Lt and Drummer boy came up with a plan. Here you see the border.That's oak and then a dark cherry strip.
How many Paris boys does it take to put in a wood floor? Three generations of backsides here. This has been so interesting to watch. Handy Man has always been the go-to guy for whatever projects the boys have found themselves involved over their head in, which seems to be something they do a lot (a trait I fear they inherited-from their mom). This time, wood flooring experience is on their side, so they are directing the Pappy-O. It's kind of neat to have a floor that all four of them had a hand in.

Whilst the menfolk are working, I'm in charge of feeding the masses and entertaining the girls. Growing and cutting playdough hair was the activity of the evening.
Snip, snip.
I called Kaye after work. She answered and sounded pitiful, wouldn't talk to me and handed the phone to Pete. Apparently, no new news, as they are still waiting to see a line of demarcation showing where oxygen has stopped. She is entirely miserable. So, on it goes until the next appointment on Tuesday.
One of students said to me yesterday, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a teacher and my room will look exactly like this one." Sweet.