Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Interlude

Today is a gray, balmy, near seventy, Eeyorish afternoon.  Expecting some big winds, and Pandora is flickering in and out as I type.  A bit different from last Friday afternoon's big Valentine snow.

Every single thing covered.

Yesterday I was still slipping on ice on my way to work and now today a weird sort of springish weather.
It is still strange to me to have tornado watches in February. I remember when that only happened in April.

My latest read is the book Living Successfully with Screwed Up People.  No, sorry, it doesn't tell you how to twitch your nose and make them disappear.  I can't say I learned much that was new.  Basically, you stop letting them get to you, or you cut ties with the person.  Ah, if it were that  easy.

I used my snowed in Saturday to finally sort through the mess of an attic room upstairs and get it all back in order.  Now I'm working on the mess of the kid's room/craft room.  Ughhh, I am pig pen.
This Saturday I'm off to a bee class.  I am going to help Bean do his science project on bees.  I did that with his dad too.  I think I'm in the .5% of grown-ups who like science fair projects. Of course, I have to do one with Missy Bugg as well.  I have several for her to look at, but I think she'll like the one  where you pop balloons full of confetti to illustrate how far your germs fly when you sneeze.  We'll see.
Handy Man just got all the downed limbs cut up, but I fear if we have the expected winds, he will have more.
I hear the thunder. Better get this up and unplugged.
Hope you are warm and safe and dry wherever you are.

Friday, February 14, 2014

At the Valentine Cotillion

We almost made our first full week since returning to school in 2014, but the forecast sent us home early this afternoon. My moms were able to come and do the party early, so I left this week with most everything caught up, another first for this year.
Whew, thankfully our big dance night was on Valentine's Eve, as the forecast was on target and we are again  under a blanket of snow.
For me, party planning is at least half the fun.  The kidlets ordered the party menu- strawberries cut like hearts (thanks SuZQ), parmesan cheese (really?), chips, nuts and pickles. We aim to please. There was also warm soup and hot rolls.

I bought a little cheapy strobe light from Amazon and it added much ambiance.

 Do all Valentine Cotillions include tie flying I wonder?

Giddy-up couldn't decide what was best about the party- balloons, beautiful lights or marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles. I believe the marshmallows won out. After the third time he wandered in the kitchen for another, he told his Auntie SuZQ that he needed one for his mama-crack up.

 Time to do The Twist. Only Joshie might love a party more than Missy Bugg. I told Rae to brush up on the  Virginia Reel and the Electric Slide.  When Giddy-up got there, I asked if had been practicing any dances.  He said, "No, but will you teach me?"  So cute to watch him twisting the night a way.

Then a costume change before doing the Limbo some more.

The kidlets are all sporting beautiful knitted heart necklaces from Gardner E.
It was a fun way to spend a wintry evening. Just before bed, I checked my e-mails to find a sweet note of thanks from Miss Bugg.
Hmmm, what next?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Wears On

When the winter storms are raging

It's good to have a hand to hold.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ummm, Heatless Wave?

Was that just Saturday that I was waxing eloquent about a Heat Wave?
 It certainly made a speedy exit and blew first snow and then some ice all over of us in its wake.

Today is the Captain's birthday and he and Ceece had plans to see his favorite performer in Indy and went last night. Crazy I tell ya.
Bean and Bugg were scheduled to stay with me.  There was still a bit of residual snow from Monday,  so they came bundled in fluff from head to foot and

hit the slopes, or what is sloping in my yard anyway. Actually I was surprised at how far they flew with so little snow.
We'd barely cleared the door when the precipitation began and it was ice.  Handy Man was scheduled to work till 5:30, but headed out a little early and got home just before everything froze over.
Missy Bugg wondered what we'd do further for our upcoming Valentine Cotillion and I had a plan.

Everyone's favorite mints.  It really isn't good for me to be home. Next came cookies.

By bed time we could hear limbs falling and I put the kiddos to bed with flashlights for I feared what was likely coming.  Sure enough I woke up at midnight to pitch black.  That was the end of Handy Man's night, as no electric meant no sump pump or heat of course, so he got the coal stove cooking and the generator going.  Long night.
Bacon and eggs by lantern light.
Time to make Daddy a birthday card.
Taught Bugg how to do paper dolls and we  proceeded to bury the table in paper scraps.
Conner found pillow hearts in a magazine and told me he wanted to make that for his class valentines- be still my heart.  I had to have a sad talk with him about handmades and folks.  I told him I loved his idea and would be glad to help him, but first I wanted him to think about something.  We live in a throw-a-way society. Children (adults too) are accustomed to getting 32 valentines for a buck at the Dollar Tree.  Sometimes folks don't understand or appreciate the work that goes into handmades, and sometimes they end up in the same place as the Dollar Tree ones.  I watch every year as students peel off the valentine of it's attached candy and pitch the valentine.  That is hard to see when you've put a lot of work into something.  I shared with him that I personally love, love that detail work and enjoy doing it, but try to give it to someone who understands the care that went into it.

 He did a great job with the blanket stitch.

After many hours of Little House on the Prairie, I was not unhappy to see these gentlemen in my yard.

It is so very pretty when everything is encased in ice.
When they got us up and running, I sent Handy Man to bed for a long winter's nap.

Well, I believe one full of week of Spring Break is officially gone.  More snow expected next week.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Heat Wave

Well, for I believe maybe the third time since November, it is around fifty degrees.  Each of those days have started a bit nerve wracking and ended up lovely.  You see, if your bee girls made it, they will come out to potty, clean the hive,  and in all likelihood, just breathe some fresh air.  I can't imagine the fun they've had this winter trying to keep Queenie Bee high and dry and somewhat less than frozen. If they didn't make it, well, no such activity would be observed.  So, you nervously wait for the warmest part of the day, then sort sneak up on the hive, hoping you remain upright and in an uphill direction whilst the slimy, muck is trying to suck off your shoes. Peer around, and......  bee girls galore, flitting around all over, dragging dead bodies out, feeling the wind on their tiny bee faces. Handy Man asserts that, "They sure seem happy."  Good enough for me.
This "Frozen" of our own hasn't seemed to faze the chickens or the pooch. Of course the bunny boys experience the same climate year round.
As for my other critters?
Giddy-up begins every visit the same way if circumstances are right- first a treat, then into Bean's lap for some play. I believe Giddy-up would sit there all day, and Bean hangs in till his legs fall asleep.

Playdough has become a favorite again of late.

 Cpt. and Bean practicing their two songs. Sweet to see them working together.

It's that time of year and Valentine Playdate this year will be a Valentine Dance.  You cannot have too many holiday decorations for Missy Bugg.  Here we are all creating Valentine Buntings to spruce up this grey February. Gramerly's immune system has not weathered this winter well and my hair is falling out by the handfuls along with all my curl.  Weird.
 Poor Gwanfader, the things we girls  put him through.

 Can't forget those Christmas clearanced rice krispie kits.  Painting and eating rice krispie trains are in no matter the season.

Course painting is more fun in an evening gown don't ya know.
We while away the winter.