Monday, August 28, 2017

Is It Still Summer?

Wow, back to school seems to knock the stuffing out of me. We continue to spend lots of time in the creek and the hunt for fossils hasn't abated. Giddy-up and I worked and worked to get this one loose. I thought by the time we worked it out, it was going to have all the shell pattern chipped off.
And in fact, most of it was chipped off, but little did we know there was another little treasure under there, a perfect baby shell.

 I want to see if I can find out what it is that creates these centers in some of the shells we've found.
 This was Giddy-Up's find.  Mr. Smiley knows a fossil when he find one as well.

Lots of school hoopla over the eclipse. We had a big party and lots of space activities  like an edible solar system.
What amazed me most about the eclipse was how bright and lit the sky was with most of it blocked by the moon- so cool.
 A forest about thirty miles from here was featuring an open house for a forrest kindergarten- right up my alley.  Rae and I wanted to check it out.
 Hmm, looks just like Playdate.  I thought it was going to be like regular kindergarten with a focus on outdoor play. No, just playdates in this little wooded area now and again.   Well, if it helps bring the message home that kids need outdoor play more than they need a first grade curriculum for five year olds, I wish them much success.
Mr. Smiley worked at this tree with a little spade before coming over and asking me if he could borrow Pap's chainsaw.  I explained we were a bit too far from home to get the chainsaw.  He went back to work and finally, exasperated, yelled, "I need a chainsaw!!!!"  That boy and his tools.
 I love the playground they have here.

 Last time we took Drummer Boy's kids for a hike, the two oldest mentioned wanting to have an individual date day again.  Since their birthdays were coming up, I thought that was as good an excuse as any.  Blue Eyes was first, so he came Sunday afternoon.
He wanted to fish- check.
 Make sushi- check.

 We added the surprise of making a bee's wax candle and...
 a trip to the wood shop to make a candle holder.
 I love the look on their faces when Pap adds the finishing oil and the piece instantly changes colors.
 He was very pleased with his work.
 Such a big afternoon, finished off with rice krispie treats Gramerly and Pap Style- straight out of the bowl.
Buttercup is up next and coconut cream pie is on the menu!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rained Out

Handy Man worked all morning last Saturday to create a perfect spot for the Woodland Fairy Ball in the deep dark woods, but alas, it rained.
A little rain didn't prevent the appearance of beautiful fairies and yummy treats from the woodland realm.
This year, the littles were adorned with a prince or princess cape and crown.  When the crown went on they disappeared from our eyes, and could only be seen by the fairies.
Our Sydlee is growing up and retired from Head Fairy, to Fairy Supervisor. Those woodland fairies can get a little rowdy.
While the fairies were preparing, Pap hauled the boys on a cavern trip.  I'm getting my old camera fixed so I can have one to send on those expeditions that don't include me.  I know I need to learn how to put phone piks on the computer- one day.

This is all fun and games and a good time, until we start making them up and doing their hair, and it looks more like prom night and I can't figure how we could possibly have gotten here this quickly.

 Hmm, can I remember?  Were these fairies named Muse, Art and Color this year?
 They entertained with stories.

 It was a magical time to be sure!
 Of course, you have to feed the supervisors and chaperones.

Now I must bake some bread for Holy Hikes this morning and get on my way.