Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

So, we're having so very much more winter than we've been accustomed to these last few years.  This is National Catholic's School Week, so instead of my church, I attended the church where most of student's attend. We all sit together and several of us teachers wrestle the three and four year olds for most of the service.  You might guess that we don't get much from the service and generally, you'd be right.  Today was different.  I don't know the point of the priest's homily, but a homily of a different sort was playing out on the pew in front of me.  One of our wee folk was sitting just left of a warm and clearly delightful beam of sun pouring through the stained glass, across the altar and onto the child next to him.  He didn't try to shove his friend out of such a warm and inviting spot. No he just reached his chubby hands out into that warm sunshine, grabbed two handfuls and pulled it to his chest, again and again.  I imagine he was nearly filled up with sunshine before we were done.  It made me smile and remember that the sun never goes away. You can just sit there on the dark side, or you can fling your hands, open wide into that sunshine and grab you some. I'll ponder that image and those chubby hands for a long time.  Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monday News

No baby for us.
Much heartbreak.
That's all I've got.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Post Relief Playdate

Thursday was such a day I tell ya. Even the thought of Playdate did little to ease my angst.  While I have watched as God has used many generous hands and hearts to make a way where there didn't seem to be one for this new little lovey of ours, there is still much up in the air and trying to rest in, "It is all in His control,"  is just not the easiest thing for me to do.  
Why are we like that?  I know I have done all I can. I know there isn't one thing I can do further to make this happen for my girl.  I don't want to be angst filled, I don't.  So. Hard.
Still, turning around to a kitchen filled with my people and my change purse mysteriously appearing right where I thought I had left it two days before seemed like a sign that everything was going to be okay.  So very grateful for such moments, for such playtimes.
Dress-up remains the favorite and Missy Bugg decided this was the night to bring Giddy-up in on the fun and he was willing.  
So the Queen is presenting her subjects with King Giddy-up.

 After outfitting everyone it is time for a little music.  So I present the last instrument that was earlier under construction.

 I gifted Handy Man the necessary materials to build a dulcimer.

Lovely, huh?
Time to break out the instrument someone knows how to play and dance awhile.

Then it was a rousing run through many verses of London Bridges Falling Down that Miss Bugg even managed to pull the Pappy into.  I was very involved so unable to capture that.

And these pictures?  Well, they are just because he is so cute in his new alpaca sweater. The friends who gifted me with Strider raise Alpacas and I bought their wonderful socks for a lot of the guys for Christmas.  We needed  them this winter.  She had one last sweater for sell, just Giddy-up's size.  I buy a lot of stuff on clearance or with 30% off coupons, so I don't usually purchase Alpaca's sweaters.  I'm so glad I did. It is so warm and he wears it all the time.

After all that it is time for a little break and a nap for Gwanfader.

I love these Playdates, even when my mind is weary and my anxiety high.  I love when my people are eating good food, playing, singing, laughing and right where I can see them.  It seems like the most natural thing in the world to me.
I can hardly wait until it includes a brand new little Missy.  My heart hurts, missing her, not knowing what is going on with her, waiting.  Your continued prayers are highly appreciated in this waiting and wondering time.
A sweet friend must have a serious surgery involving ear and brain on Wednesday and my nephew's baby,  and Aunt Tish's first grandbaby will come via c-section tomorrow, so lot's of prayers going up on their behalf will be wonderful.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Rest of the Story

So this morning, while it is still dark, I get the flashlight and one last time look in every nook and cranny. Go over every place it could or couldn't be. You may laugh at me if you like, but I seriously opened up this cake taker ( remember these, it's ancient) and looked inside where I had removed half to take to mom.
You do crazy things when you are desperate.
I also looked in both refrigerators and the washer.  I looked places there was no way a change purse could have gone considering only Handy Man and I were here.  I called Kroger again this morning, cancelled my credit card and found out it takes 7 to 10 business days to get a new license, but I could get a paper one.  Since I know babies don't always come when they are supposed to, I ran to town to try and take care of the license business while my students were at PE. Whilst speeding out of the parking lot, it occurs to me, " I have no money, no credit card," so I found some cash fast and went to the bureau, which was thankfully well staffed and not busy and got that taken care of.

I e-mailed who I was supposed to about insurance cards.  By afternoon's end, I was just a wreck.  Still no word on the baby delivery date, no answer about my insurance and health savings card, blah, blah, blah.  
That's it. I had had it. I e-mailed a few friend girls and asked for some serious talks with Jesus on my behalf and headed home to try to get my act together for  Playdate. 
 They all get pretty excited over homemade spaghetti, Ebenezer salad and homemade parmesan, garlic rolls and were all stirring around the kitchen, getting ready for dinner or playing at our feet. Well, Handy Man, Gwanfader, Rae, Giddy-up, Ceece, Bean, Bugg and Swee-Tee ( who will still need a blue egg with cheese) are all about and I'm stirring up sauce and eggs and taking hot rolls out when I turn around and, I don't even know how to explain to you what I thought.  I nearly fainted, because there on my kitchen table,  was my little leather purse. The same kitchen table I had gone over and over and moved every piece of mail, etc. even obsessively checking the tupperware cake taker over and over. I am floundering around, pointing and saying something, I think, like, "Who put that there, where did that come, where did you get it, where was it?"  I guess they had never seen or paid attention to this piece of my life and were all looking at me like I had lost my every loving mind, right there over the spaghetti sauce. They were all startled and grew more so at my heightening hysteria, looking all over for whatever it was that was so out of place and had me so hepped up.  

It took a minute until they realized that the lost treasure was found, but how, how did it just appear on the corner of the table.  I'm telling you I was freaking out.  I knew I had looked EVERYWHERE. This was a miracle, like it very literally materialized out of thin air.
Well, perhaps there was a reason I moved and looked in side that cake taker over and over.  My mistake was not flipping that cake I'd slaved over upside down, or giving it a good shake.

Apparently, it was stuck to the bottom. This is a re-creation, as I imagine it was stuck where that long lost label left some sticky residue.  This time, when Great Uncle time moved it to the high chair so we could eat, it finally came loose. 
 Hallelujah!  Thank you Jesus! 
I could not make up a story this good.
Spaghetti never tasted so good, nor was there ever a playdate so sweet.  
I do believe though I'm officially retiring from cake baking.
Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Warning- Attitudinal Negativity

There are a bunch of folks I know going through a bunch of different hard times, which makes me feel guilty for taking up space to be a big whiney ass, but I  am so frustrated!!
I lost my change purse.  If only I used it for change, well then I'd still be sad, because it is repurposed leather that I bought at a craft fair, it's cute and the perfect size and it isn't like I can run out and get another one.
But,  and it's a big BUT- it is not  my change purse, it is my whole purse, yes, that's it, all I've got.  It has money, not a ton thankfully, credit cards, library card and my license.  And we're expecting a baby, so there are plane tickets to be purchased and ID's to show and I HAVE NOTHING.

I was at Kroger yesterday.
See, my mom didn't get to making a jam cake over the holidays and asked me to make one for her. Since I ended up being out of school because everything here and yon was solidly frozen, I decided I had better get her done.  We've talked about this. I can't make a pretty cake to save my life. They just lean people. I don't know why. I tried everything with this cake. I tried to shove it back upright, but it wouldn't go. Go ahead chuckle.
I mean seriously, it looks like something from a mad hatter's tea party.  Ugh. Well, yesterday afternoon I braved the elements and took it to Mom.  Thankfully, it tasted good to her and she really enjoyed it.
I decided since I was already out to do the grocery shopping.  I forgot the zucchini and had to go through the check out the second time.  I hate backtracking worse than cake making and have been known to change my menu on a dime to prevent going back after something, but yesterday, I persevered and what did I get for my effort, a lost change purse. 
You see, at school, everything is locked up like Fort Knox, so I have to have my keys with me at all times.  I also have an ancient flip dumb phone, because I often have my kids out of the building and I need to know what time it is or to call if a kid got hurt.  This necessitates always having pants with pockets.  So, if one must carry keys and phone, might as well stick the important stuff in a change purse in your pocket with said dumb phone and tah dah, your done.  I don't smoke or need to redo my lips multiple times a day and I find that purses are just things for me to forget somewhere, and they just grate on my nerves.
So, this is a first for me.  I've searched the car, Cluckingham Palace, every nook and cranny at least three times. I've gone through the trash.  I called the store- nothing.  There  is no activity on my credit card that isn't mine.  I want to scream.  So, I've never done this before, but I  guess I'll figure out how to get a new license and new cards.
All you playdaters, I hope the spaghetti, made with that zucchini is worth it.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Reverse Again

This post is way late. I can't believe it's already the sixth of January.  Bean and Bugg came as usual on New Year's Eve.  Bean's tenth and Bugg's eighth New Year's with Pap and I.  The last couple of years found us snuggled around a fire, but this year it was only 14 degrees. Bean asked as soon as he arrived if we were having a fire and was sadly disappointed with my answer.  I was sad too, but warm.  I did manage to keep them entertained from six to midnight.

Bean brought along some fish patterned material and a desire to make a pillow, so received his first instruction on a sewing machine. I ripped off an edge to make it straight and it was confiscated and used on his head.

Following the sewing lesson was a rousing game of Pop the Pig-new to me.  I've decided these overnighters are instrumental in keeping me up to date culturally.  Not only learning new games, but finding out the names and popular songs  of stars when we watch the ball drop.  I get a bit behind due to my propensity to ignore the fact that we have not only a television, but cable as well. I care not.

It is always necessary to do a little science experimenting.
 Hmm, will the alien grow for one more New Years?  Appears he will. I just took him out today to dehydrate till next year.

 Of course there is popcorn and movies.  We enjoyed Shirley Temple in Littlest Colonel. Henry Clay is Bean's favorite character and Bugg reminds me that people say she looks like Shirley.
We did venture out for poppers and  sparklers.


And, as the hour grew near some silliness with Duck Dynasty calls and hats.  Duck Dynasty was another thing I learned about from Bean and Bugg last year.

Happy New Years with some sparkling berry juice.

They could have gone on and on, but I was worn out and New Year's Eve came to a close, with a powdery prayer and a tuck into bed.

As soon as Bugg woke up she asked if we were making "Blessing Balls"- crack up. It's Blessing Gems darling, gems. 

 Still a sleepy head in the bunch.

It was a big time.
I'm out of school today due to the severe wind chill of 25 below.  It is cold.  The call just came that we're off tomorrow as well. And, in highly unusual turn of events, we don't have to make it up. Hurrah!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Last Saturday found me in the company of a handsome boy so the mama and papa could have a day in celebration of their fifth anniversary.
Did I tell you I just love two year old boys?  It turned out to be a rather warmish day for this very wintry December. Not quite in the 80's like the day his mama and papa married, but nice enough to be out and about.
First though was some concrete mixing.
 About half way through mixing, it clearly occurred to him that some of this stuff was edible and he needed a taste.

Wasn't long before the great outdoors was calling and we needed to spend some time throwing rocks.  Just for curiosity's sake, I'd love to know how many rocks I've collected for the joy of throwing.  That's the great thing about a creek.  I will pick up every good size rock in the area, but the next big gully washer that comes through will deposit another pile for throwing.

Sometimes we find a treasure that we don't throw, but we take to Pappy.  After everyone is outfitted with safety glasses, we find out what's inside.
More of God's amazing creation. Look at how it sparkles in the sun.

 After Geology 101, a little swinging is in order.
 Next, bobbering-Gardner E's name for Bean's affection for casting and reeling with nothing but a bobber.  It appears Giddy-up will follow in his footsteps. Bean, by the way, is tying flies and has moved on past simple bobbering.
 After lunch and nap, time for a bit of crafting. First an anniversary card for mama and papa. I thought we were making a flower, but no, says Giddy up, "It's a butterfly."  So it is.
We continued gluing wood shapes on these squares.  For the last one, he pulled out way more shapes then there was room on those squares.  He said, "All these."  I replied, "I'm not sure all these shapes will fit on this little square."
Obviously, there is more than one way to do it.

Well, my break is coming to a close. I've loved the time I've spent with my wee ones. as well as some much loved time with friends and family.  I fear things like cleaning the chicken coop and the refrigerators have been sadly neglected.  
Hey, I'm distracted.  It is so exciting to know we might soon have a new baby girl, but lands, it also unnerving.  Trying to make plans, find a place to stay, wait for final word on birth date, fret over your kid, etc.  
Many of you know I have a real problem with vertigo.  I can get sick window shopping.  I will be doing everything proactive that I can. I already have patches, ginger candy and lavender oil. I also have a problem turning over my classroom for a week.  Prayers will help.  Less than three weeks now and off we go.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Wishes for the New Year and Beyond

I sent New Year's cards this year of the Gramerly and Gwanfader Garage Band.  Would love to have one with them all together, but lands there are a lot of them.
 Some interesting playing of guitars in this picture.

Wow, five kidlets, with git-fiddles all looking the same way, and smiling.  Wow, that's all I'm saying.

One more person has an instrument, but I'll share that when he's finished building it.

Speaking of wow, my child has long impressed me with her tenacity.  I wonder, if after reading Rae's story, you wondered what the hurry was since Giddy-up is only two.  I wouldn't blame you. For one, she wanted them close, but mainly, because she's a bit bohemian and hippie and very granola (wherever did she get that) and into being proactive health wise,  so she wanted to nurse this new baby.  You stand a lot greater chance of that when you are already nursing.
Well, Giddy-up isn't nursing any longer, so she's been exploring other avenues. 
 So the story I'm about to tell is a little nuts, as in squirrels and nuts actually.  In addition to the above adjectives, she's also a penny pincher. Not much choice there when you are in a position to only be able to build your family through adoption.  Anyway, she finds this little bottle with a piece of feeding tube that you use while nursing. The baby is getting fed, while nursing, until your milk is up to par.  Only it costs $77 for a little bottle with some rubber tube- really?  Anyway, she ain't paying that, so they research some more and find out they can make it from, well, a little bottle and a piece of feeding tube- imagine. Only you can't just up and buy some rubber feeding tube, because it is a medical supply and you need like a prescription-really?  I mean have we learned some evil for pieces of tubing?  I digress.  As I said, tenacious this one. She finds some, yes she does, at Chris's Squirrel Supplies which is, as we speak, awaiting this holiday to pass and shipment to resume for the squirrel tubing to wing its way to her door. Nuts!
I hope lots of wonderful comes winging to your door in 2014 minus the nuts. Wait, that would exclude a lot of wonderful nuts in my life, so bring it on.