Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May in Motion

Friday night was the first round of the musical. Saturday found us at the soccer  field watching Buttercup kick the ball.

Such a devoted little brother.
 I brought bubbles.

My little Pixie enjoyed catching them.

 What is that Pappy doing?
 She played good in the heat and humidity for a long time, but then felt the need for a snackie. Pap remembered there were some in this truck.  She wasn't too sure about going that far from Dad, so off they went together.

 Then we headed to the pool to see that kid break one club record after another- again. He is so tall, braces, all the teenage stuff. I took these pictures because he was in pool just having fun with a friend, being a kid that I don't see much anymore.  I like this man child, but I sure miss that little boy who took my hand and heart into this grandparenting dance.

Then another rendition of the Peter Pan in the evening.  I always appreciate my support team coming out to see it. Uncle Jimi, Handy Man, Ol' Mother Hubbard and half the cupboard, Rae and Giddy-up and Gardner E. and Mary Lynn.  Really, you can't beat it for a $5 ticket that goes to a service project. Children Giddy-up's age are completely unaware that they haven't seen a Broadway production.  When a just six year old tells his mom he needs to write me a thank-you for putting on such a great show, you know he was impressed. 

Sunday found me fixing up some of Mom's favorites and spending the afternoon with her.
Monday was spent at camp where I appreciated the glorious weather a bit too much and now am sporting fried shin bones, along with a fat hand from a spider bite.  I rolled in about midnight last night.
Here my Wayside Poesy Sassy Pants is pushing her new sister Peony Posey at an abbreviated Playdate this afternoon.  She said, " I'm going to help Mama take care of this baby."  This new littlest bit is all sorts of squishy goodness and two toother smiles. And that gorgeous head of hair, oh my.
Lawsie, these precious babies.

 Then I walked up to the school to watch my Little Missy Bugg graduate from fourth grade to middle school. Gee, how did that happen?

 And another sweet lump of sugar.  This is the first time I got to squeeze Leesh's new lovie- baby Moana.

Just a few more days!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Crazy May

Woo wee, May is just nuts.  Today we took the musical on the road to Mom's place and did our first show for an audience.  Just cute, that's all. This weekend will be the big school performances. Then Monday it is off to camp.
Today I had message from Rae that we're the proud grandparents of a few months old wayside posey that I will call Peony, since the peonies are blooming so beautifully and her chubby cheeks remind me of those round blooms I picked for Mom today. She is our fourth little wayside posey in less than a year.  I just have to shelve this heartbreak and love her up while we have her.
May just moves with haste from one thing to another.
It began with celebrating our sweet three old.
 He's decided to take up fishing.
 Somehow, Giddy-Up ending up coming home with me from somewhere.  I love these sort of serendipitous opportunities where you just say, "Sure!" all afternoon. Sure you can have some milky coffee and "Yes," a chocolate and blueberries sound like a fine addition to that coffee.

 Popcorn and a movie?  I can do that.
 A little art, why how wonderful.
 Yeah, and these, I did not need to know they existed.
 A few minutes of a game on the iPad sounds fun.
It reminded when Ol' Mother Hubbard would come and I would fix her a coke and french fries, and all the times I spent the day Bean or Bugg-sweet memories.
Blue Eyes and Buttercup are playing soccer. The awful rain and cold brought the game indoors for Blue Eyes and cancelled for Buttercup.

 He had just kicked the ball here.

 And chickens hatching everywhere.  These are bantams. After two hatched, Missy Butterscotch thought that was enough and took them for  a walk, leaving these-two hatched and two hatching.  I rescued them and brought them in to share the light with the ones we'd hatched in the classroom the week before. My students were so delighted with four more babies that were so very tiny and weigh about two ounces.

 They've now gone to live with Rae.

I was in a book study class at church that evolved into a confirmation prep.  I wanted to gift the members with something, so I took a little garden stroll and made up these honey jars.  I love to arrange and gift flowers. Such a joy to me.

 Often I celebrate Mother's Day with Mom on the Saturday before, so her visitors are spread out.  Last Saturday was also a Holy Hike with my church at the park right beside Mom.  Rae and her kiddos and Bean and Bugg came to hike.  Bugg noticed something strange in the crook of a tree.  It was this cool rock.
 She hid it for someone else to find.  I love that idea.
 She and Bean took turn being the picture takers.

 Then it was time for donuts and milk.
 We headed to Mom's where we met up with Drummer's Boy's crew.
It was a great Mother's Day.
It was plenty hot yesterday and I was glad to get my feet in the creek for Playdate.  We found tons of crawdads, a fishy and lots of geodes.  When we walked the other direction, we found a puddle of butterflies.  The creek was bubbling and tumbling and a cool breeze was blowing.  It is a magical to me.  That creek, what a gift. Thank you Lord for so very many delightful things!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Unicorn for your Birthday

Or a pony, isn't that every little girl's dream?  Well, the dream came true for my least Pixie who is two today and her sister Buttons who was five last week.
We went so very long with no spring birthdays. Uncle Jimi is March and Handy Man at May's end. Then the last four all came within two weeks between the April 15 and May 2. It is a big birthday time around here.
First we had a little flood scare.  For only the second time in all the many years we've lived here, the creek got out of the banks and into the front yard. The bunnies barely escaped being washed away.  No real harm, far as we know.
Unfortunately, Drummer Boy's basement was flooded.  Hard to pull off a party after ripping up carpet and padding all morning, but it was an adorable Puppy themed party with special pony and unicorn visitors.

 It is now warm enough that creek play will likely be a part of every Playdate.

The love of crawdads never ends.

 We have six little chicks I hatched in the classroom this week.  One was quite weak, so I brought them home for the weekend. SamWise wasn't sure what to think about them.  He is sure he loves being outside when it is warm and dry.
I loved this morning.  Handy Man and I walked about cutting out all the volunteer things that choke the plants we'd like to grow and thrive.  SamWise was very unhappy when we worked outside his bounds, so Handy Man traded his collar for a  leash and he stayed close.
Restful weekends are such a delight.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Little Bread Baking

Well, lookie here. I do have something different to write about this April.  Our girl Kate, an early Playdate helper who grew up to have a career and family of her own, mentioned on FB that she would like to learn more about cooking.  I told her I'd be happy to share, so what rolled out was a bread baking class with four beautiful young women.
Since we started at ten, I thought it would be good to end with lunch and the fruit of our gluten labors. I knew I couldn't teach baking and fix lunch at the same time, so I decided I would have some soup done and simmering on the stove.  The day I made this decision, it was in the eighties, and didn't seem like the best choice.  Well, Saturday dawned cold, gray and drizzling, so soup was a perfect accompaniment. I thought some hot tea, and hot chocolate would be good to sip while stirring lots and lots of flour.
Rae is very into sourdough bread and creates all kinds of amazing yumminess from one little starter. She opened our class with her expertise and a share of her starter, after sampling a warm loaf she baked before coming.

 Next up was kneading a heavy pumpernickel bread.

 We also prepared Buttery Beer Bread, Honey Wheat and learned to create loaf bread, cheesy garlic rolls and cinnamon rolls from one recipe of potato bread.

I so loved sharing bits of kitchen wisdom I've picked up through the years and listening to their joys and struggles.   I'm delighted to know such fine women are bringing up the next generation.

I would be happy to put bread baking on the back burner for a day or two, but alas, duty calls, there is a pitch-in tomorrow. It is ever the expectation for me to show with warm bread.

I plan every year to not allow the calamity that is state testing get me down. Every year I fail. Day one and stressful- faulty technology, miscommunications, a sick kiddo. Oh well, I just have six more days and eight more tests to go.  Yee Haw!