Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh, Chickens

Just yesterday I realized I had not written much about my chickens, hence the story of the woodpile and the pictures.  I decided to save a couple of pictures for another post.

I just don't ever get tired of finding this treasure in the coop.
Below is the Ameracauna that lays those beautiful blue eggs.  Hardly any of our eggs are the same color and I just love to look at them.
When Arwen died, I was not only upset at having lost my dog, but also concerned that my girls were no longer safe.  We've been blessed to make it till March without incident.  Sadly, last week when Handy Man went to tuck them in he was surprised by a opossum in the coop.  Today, some neighbors a street down dogs got in the yard. Believe it or not, the only time that has ever happened.  I am standing at the sink and see strangers running through my yard.  I knew there was only one plausible reason that would be happening.  You have  never seen chub move so fast. The chickens were gone, but I knew which chickens they grabbed by the feathers I found. The handsome rooster in yesterday's post tail feathers were all over the chicken yard.  The three who had lost the feathers were no where to be found. Meanwhile, these people are waltzing around telling me, "There's a rooster."  Yes, there is a rooster, but is not THE rooster. I think they were a little incredulous that I knew which rooster and girls were missing.  Then he says, "How many chickens do you have?" and I said, "Twenty seven."  Next a swear word comes flying.  The lady ( I've never laid eyes on these people before) was apologetic and concerned. He, on the other hand, was working on my last nerve.  I have seven acres, what does it matter to you how many chickens I have? You can keep pointing chickens out to me, but it isn't the chicken whose butt got bit by your dogs.  Ugghhhhhhh.  She said, "Well, we just live up there."  "Call us if we need to do something."  Likely the same thing I would have said in the same circumstance, however, it did nothing to make me feel better.  It's stupid I know, but I wanted to say. "Oh, do you have some  rare chickens you've hatched from eggs, worried and fretted over, babied and took care of somewhere to replace them?" " Are they gentle, do they winter well, forage well, lay all different colored eggs?"
  Please take your dogs and get out of my yard.
All of them came wondering home.  No lame ducks, no blood. You can't tell though if they have  some internal damage.  Our new pooch won't be coming for a few more weeks.  Well, I guess I have to consider we've had no problems for three years.  My first batch of chickens are still laying and I will get a dog soon. Hope he has some chickens to guard when he gets here.

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  1. I am just so glad to hear that everyone came home. I would have been very angry. Their dog is running lose and they are judging you?