Saturday, March 23, 2013

Two of Three Playdate Parts

Time to hunt eggs on the frozen tundra. Bugg is clearly tired of waiting and ready to go.  

It was shortly after this picture of Baby Boy showing his brother his eggs, when Ol' Henry spun around and declared that somewhere he'd lost his basket.  This was just about one minute after the above picture.  As you can see, the basket was on his head. 
 Happy girls with a princess egg a piece.
 Some folks have an Easter Egg Tree. We had a Scooby Do Tree.
Blues Eyes pulling off his Scooby Do.
 I found the cutest Noah's Ark eggs for the wee ones. All different animals.  This Giddy-up of mine is one serious egg hunter.  So many of the little ones through the years quickly realized there was candy in some of the eggs.  They would shake them and if they didn't shake, discard them. Or, the first egg with candy, the hunt was done, time to eat the candy.  Not this little mister, he filled that bucket as quick as his legs could carry him.

I believe Miss Linee has grown six inches this winter. She is so big!

 One last golden egg. Reaaaachh.

Okie, dokie, ready for some warmer temperatures.

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  1. All those big beautiful smiles! It is amazing how much they have grown in a short year. Can't wait to read part three.