Monday, November 14, 2016

Fast and Furious

Fast and furious this fall is flying by.  Already the middle of November?  Gee.
I've been busy.  Friday was Veteran's Day which always takes a good bit of my time and all my energy.  For several years I've wondered before hand why I'm still doing this.  I guess I believe in giving honor where it is due.  I want my students to have a face to put with this education I'm trying to give them.  A lady who had never been to the program said she'd been to a lot of programs in her day, raising six children, but never one as beautiful and moving as Friday's.  Okay, well, maybe I have one more year in me.

Adam always visits my classroom and shares an inspirational war story that my  kids love. He always comes every year and I am always proud to have him there.  Such a presence is he in those dress blues.
Just before our big Veteran's Day celebration I had finished up a mock election campaign with my students. They had to balance a budget, register voters, make advertisements and posters and write speeches and debate. 
Our church held a prayer vigil and an Evensong service the night before elections. I will just say that helped me to feel more peaceful about things.  It is so very sad to see the direction some folks have taken with this election. I just have to wonder how we came to be in such a place.
 One Saturday Bean and Bugg and I ran away to my favorite hiking spot. We took turns  taking pictures.  It was such an amazingly beautiful day.  I loved being able to share it with them.

 I just love me some fungi now.

 It amazes me how any little spot where the sun shines through grows a little something green.
 I was able to fit in a run to my favorite monastery as well.

 Got in another hike with my church group this past Saturday.

Playdates continue and I spent Sunday with much of my People seeing my Sydly smile and shine in The Sound of Music.  Last Saturday I watched Bean and Bugg swim.  That Bean can do a mean backstroke now, broke his records and is headed to state.  They are all going growing up so fast.
I seem to have some unusual wild allergies this fall. I've walked around for three weeks just wanting to lay my head down.  It hasn't helped that the time changed and Handy Man's work changed and I am just getting very little uninterrupted sleep.  Consequently, I've fallen asleep in some unusual situations.  Perhaps I'll get used to all these changes sometime soon.