Wednesday, June 27, 2018

More Chalkboard Gak and Stuff

This post is picture heavy.  Bean was in charge of pictures today.  He did a great job. I wanted lots of pictures as my Indy Mama will probably not get to the next Playdate and there are only four Playdates this year anyway, so a few less opportunities.  Looking at all their faces makes me happy.  Added to that usual happy, was Indy Mama's own Mama who has been my friend for a very long time- thirty nine years in September, coming along.   Many a time we've hoped to have a Playdate visit with all our grands together and today it happened.  I enjoyed it as much as I thought I would.  We will miss them.
As I said, Bean had the camera and likes to take pictures of Mr. Smiley.

Well, he is awfully cute.  Of course, they all are.

Playdate had barely begun when a thunderstorm rolled through. This wasn't officially science day, but I had all the stuff for chalkboard gak, so we experimented and played the storm away.

Pretty maids all in a row.

Much experimenting, fun and laughter around the tables.
Still, it was pouring and rumbling outside so we proceeded with snack and a story.

 The beloved fruit snacks without which no Playdate would be complete.  Also the distributing Fruit Snack Queens.

Ahhh, but wait, no fruit snacks till your hands are washed!

My new bathroom has a line.

 Antebellie asked to be the reader this week.  Oh my, they grow up so fast.


And when everyone has a fruit snack, you can take a break for your own snack.

 Quite a blanket full.  It has looked like this every day this week as story time at my morning camp had to move inside as well. That old story blanket has gotten a workout.

Ummm, big tall boy, why you taking pictures of me?  Because Gramerly told me to and you are so cute!

Finally the storm was on its way out so play moved to front porch where Klub Kymbi Playdate began in full force!

The eyes have it.

I didn't get an explanation about this picture.  I'll have to ask.

And here is where the battery went dead and the pictures ended.  
Play went on. We had to settle for the side creek because the big creek was two wild and swift.  
We enjoyed a mountain of tacos, black beans and rice, queso, guacamole, and Texas Fudge, finished off with cinnamon rolls. 
Earlier Bean had filled the pool with Orbeez, so the evening ended with the lots of Orbeez play, while the big kids (mine and Mama Indy) visited.
I always sort of dread the 4th of July as it signals how near I am to summer's end.  I go back July 20.  After today, I'll have two more weeks of Wood's Camp and one more Playdate and hopefully, a few more dates with friends.
Next week is my one full week off.  I can't even think of anything to do.  Actually, doing nothing sounds kind of nice.  It has been a whirlwind of a summer.
As always, thankful for abundant blessings.  Thank you Lord!