Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why Me?

Why me, I wonder.  Why do I wake up this autumn morning with a roof over my head, a helpmate to snuggle against the morning chill, a frig,  freezer, and pantry full of  food, awaiting some Thanksgiving transformation to yumminess, the privilege of raising children, the joy of sweet gramerlings, an evening of loving on my Mama behind me?  Between what is happening to people close, what's on the news and what cycles through Facebook, well I spin between grief, confusion and helplessness.  There is so very much hurt and pain.  It is awful. I want to fix it.  I want to post a comment that will change people's hearts.  I want to be Jesus to others, so that they see Jesus as a good thing.  I hate conflict.  I have to remember, not a thing has changed since Jesus walked amongst us, except that grace and mercy now usher me into His kingdom.  People are still fighting, people are still hating, people are still hurting.
But, there are those other people, those that continue right on, being Jesus hands and feet, loving.  God bless them.
Today, I can be thankful for these things and more, and remember what I need to do is be thankful every single day. And every chance I have to do good, I need to show up and do it.

Speaking of showing up, Rae's sweet friend made time to visit on Playdate. She's home from Wyoming with her hubby and new baby boy, my precious birthday baby.  Of course, I had to wrest him away from his Auntie Rae in order to smooch that chubby cheek.  Love, love, love!

 He was carrying on quite an animated conversation with his Pap for a wee ten week old.
 It occurred to me on Monday (after thinking Thanksgiving shopping was done), that I had not procured supplies for this little mister to craft edible Thanksgiving treats.  That would never do, so back to the store I ran.  This boy loves creating and while I can't attest that all results carried a Thanksgiving theme, much fun was had.
 This is the way Mr. Smiley creates.
 SweeTee and Wee Will made lots of treats to share.
These times around the table, laughing, creating and kissing babies are the best.  I really inherited that love from my Mom.  Last night she and I  shared some of the turkeys, acorns and drumsticks the kids and I made with new friends.
My wish for you today, peace like a river, love like the ocean.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Where does the time go?  Do you have it?
I've been busy.
Veteran's Day was a huge success.  Bittersweet. We're down to only two WWII Veterans, but so glad to have had them and the many others.  An appreciative bunch, I'll tell ya.
We got moved Mom moved down the hall and I feel like it is a better fit.  Very, very slowly she's meeting people and involving herself just a bit.  I'm going to try and speed that up some by having a Christmas Tea the evenings I'm there.  People will usually come when that cinnamon roll smells start floating down the hall.
 This past Saturday I brought her out here to sit a bit on the porch and feed the chickens.

So, let's see. Over the weekend we went to visit an Open House with Rae as my sweet Giddy-Up turns five in the spring.  We had a file cabinet to deliver, so we headed to Rae's first.  In a recent library book, Giddy-up saw the plans for a popcorn box and took it upon himself to gather up the supplies and create one himself.
He isn't finished, but for Mr. Four, I was mightily impressed.  Then we headed to the school.
Be still my heart.  If there had been a creek and a goat I would've insisted on coming to work there.  It is school just like I think school should be done when you are five.  Lots of movement, lack of worksheets, lots of rhyming and art. Yes!

I pray that boy ends up in a school like that.  I wish it was his Gramerly's school.

Then I went to see a local artist who embroiders quilts.  I wasn't allowed to take any close up pictures, but this man's works is rather amazing.
 He goes into inner city schools, teaching kids to stitch and working on promoting a good work ethic.  His motto, "Patience and perseverance, with faith in God, will result in excellence."  Yes, and amen!
Earlier in the week we enjoyed Playdate.

Yes, thank you, I would love another cookie.

Tonight Bean came for a visit. We needed to winterize the bees, so I had suited him up to help.
 I love that we've had bees and bunnies and chickie girls for them to love.

Speaking of chicks, I was looking out the window the other day and about had heart failure when I realized that wasn't a chicken, but a hawk sitting right outside.  I grabbed the camera, but the movement had him take off.  I knew they were nesting at the top of the hill, but it's the first I've seen one just sitting in the yard.

Handy Man says he isn't big enough to carry off the big chickens, but he could probably get Cinderella, ugh.  She molted and has since grown some amazing foot feathers. Thankfully, that coloring is protective.

Later, Pap gave  his old knife  to Bean and showed him how to sharpen it.

This boy has an endless appetite for knowledge.
Two swim meets this weekend and the big fundraiser for the school, so another very full weekend.
Hope your's is peaceful.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

We Did Do Halloween

Actually, Missy Bugg and I did Halloween several times over.  Two weeks ago we did Gramerly Night at Mom's harvest festival, then last week, wow-zah, was that just last week, seems like a month ago, we went back to Mom's on a Thursday for Trick or Treat.
But earlier in the week I enjoyed Autumn Playdate with four wee ones.  We made fall necklaces- a good activity for a cool and blustery fall day.

 A Little Kitchen Witchiness was at work when Bugg returned last Thursday and made her own French Toast for supper.

 We enjoyed some pomegranate beads.  This fruit is endlessly fascinating to me.  An orb of tiny jewels, yum.  I stand in such awe of all of God's creations.
 After supper, we headed to the party at Granny Wandy's.

All these frightening characters and chickens belong to her. We made a good show.
 It turns out Mom is not going to be the odd one that takes to a move in her elder years like a duck to water.  Oh no, she ain't loving it.  So. Very. Hard.
Now, a one bedroom has opened up, so we have to move her again.  If, when given the notice that the room is ready, she isn't moved immediately, the she will be charged for both rooms.  Really?  Most of your clients have a small army standing by to move them at the drop of the hat?  Really?  I'm working hard here to not say something very ugly. I strive to keep ugliness out of my blog and FB posts, but guess what? It is traipsing out of my brain, to my lips and having a tug of war trying to get out my fingers.  Behave!
Okay, back to my love - sweet babies.
So, on the actual day, Ol' Mother Hubbard hosts a big affair and I walked right off with treats and Texas Fudge and no camera- ugh.  I told Rae she had to redress the boys for Playdate so I could get their picture.  It was fun evening, yummy chili, great fellowship. I so appreciate Mother Hubbard's hard work along with her sidekick SuZQ.
Bean and Bugg had other plans, but Ceece was so sweet to run them by to get their treat and for me to snap their picture.  Lands, I remember all those years I would dress three kids up and run them all over creation to see all their people, not just on Halloween, but on Easter and Christmas.

I LOVE HATE this picture. I love their beautiful smiles, but have mercy, look at that man child. I think he's grown six inches since summer and I can't stand it.  This was before Bugg got her eyes on. Maybe Ceece can add a picture of their gorgeousness.

So, here we are again, Veteran's Day week. My school kidlets are working so hard to celebrate our vets.  Me, I'm struggling.  Since Kaye made her departure this week four years ago,  there has been one thing or another going on that stretches my time, energy and emotions during this week. Likely I'll do a program all morning, have a faculty meeting, go move my mother's again and then have my teacher evaluation on Thursday.  Woot, Woot!
I hope your week is full of autumn loveliness.