Saturday, March 29, 2014

An Asian Adventure

This was our first stop.  Small sign, side door, no heat.
After spring break, my fifth graders will embark on an adventure to WWII and Japan.  Since I have so few kiddos this year, with parents so willing to haul us around town, I wanted to plan  field trip to an Asian grocery and a Japanese restaurant.  So, Rae and Giddy-up and I sat out to have an Asian experience last Wednesday.
Giddy-up was endlessly fascinated.
Lots of long aisles and screaming colors coming at cha'.
Of course, he was with Gramerly and had already chosen a treat when the cashier gave him a star sucker. Happy Boy

 We were putzing around, waiting for the restaurant to open when we saw a sign for an International Grocery, so thought we'd check it out.  Giddy-up found all that pretty glass fascinating and questioned, "What is dose?"  Mostly it was filled with these colorful pipes and beer.  There were some hard to find Chana Dal lentils for a mere $10.99, um, no thank you.
Next stop, the used book stores, not much Asian here I fear and way too high prices for used books.

Love this puzzle from a family picture. Great for pre -lunch entertainment.

Yummy appetizer.

For Giddy-up the chopsticks were the hit of the day. After being utensils they were used for airplanes and all manner of other things. 

Everything we had was yummy. This was that sticky rice Korean dish.

 It was a great day.
I've enjoyed this break.  This evening Bean and Bugg and I will complete their science boards.
A friend's spring break will never be forgotten.  She was on a trip with her youngest girl, a senior, and was called home.  Her son, recently married, died unexpectedly.  It is believed to be as a result of meningitis. She lost a child seven years ago in a car accident.  Our community is so very heartbroken for this poor family.  Her name is Tess and I believe she can use every single prayer and sweet thought anyone wants to share.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Break Yes, but Spring? Take Two

Hmm, well I managed to do something wrong trying to post. A picture ended up being on here twice, I tried to cut it and it became gigantic and I could not get it to do anything else.  Ughhhhh. So, let's try this again.
Monday was candy making Playdate, but the forecast predicted a high in the forties, so thought we should soak up some of that warm sunshine.  Out we went, and in just about two minutes I came right back and depleted the closet of all manner of gloves, hats and coats to keep us moderately comfortable in temperatures that were like thirties. We looked like a band of roving squatleys.
Bean doesn't go far without a wee shadow trying to keep up on little legs.

This is such a different year. Bean is so big and now a big help to me on Playdates.

Baby Boy still needs a little help sometimes.

The girls are selling ice cream. Umm, better change that to hot cocoa and perhaps they'll get a few customers.

Is there a boy behind that pole?

Previous playground experiences had Giddy-Up steering clear of all things slidish. Now he is fearless.

My girlies had all kinds of fun on this contraption.

Egg, er I mean kid roll.


It cracks me up that even though they start separately, they end up in a pile before reaching the bottom.

Candy Making Time

 Giddy-Up napped through the first round of candy making. When he got up there were only three little pieces of candy on the table yet he exclaimed, "Oh, those are beautiful."  Then he ate them.
Some of the those molds have been used over twenty years.  But my those chocolate melty wafers have gotten so expensive.  They love making them their own selves and you better believe each one of them knows the exact candy they made.
It was a good day.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Playdate Catch Up

We had a mini Playdate a week ago Thursday, before Giddy-up's big school day.
Those gramerlings of mine still want to go to the creek the minute it has stopped being frozen over.  The problem is, no matter how much we talk about it still being very, very cold and not a place for feet, something inevitably gets wet.  Oh well- the rites of spring, might as well get her done.
It began with a little bobbering.

While creeks are high on the list, note the residual candy scrap on his lip.  Giddy-up's first job when coming to visit is to find where there might be some interesting bit of sweetness.  This week it was malt ball Easter eggs, yummo!

Next, rock throwing, followed by a slip and wet bottom.

 Once the cold settled in, Giddy-up was ready to move onto to warmer activities.
Well, if you are already wet, might as well jump in a few puddles.

 "Pappy, you did NOT just throw a snowball at me."
 When the wet pants come off, no more go on until pajama time.
 This time it's Bugg's turn to play teacher and give Giddy-up the finer points of using a tablet.

 It's also that time of year when Missy Bugg's hair is as red as it will be before it  again lightens in the sun.  I love those springy curlicues which are simply glowing in the this picture. Add to her Punky Brewster sense of style and she is just all kinds of cute.
And this Sunday past I enjoyed a highly unusual event.  The Captain had the family for dinner and it wasn't even a holiday.
Do you remember back in the day when you routinely either had someone to dinner, or went to someone's for dinner?  That cultural practice seems to have sadly declined in my world.
Now that face doesn't look too excited does it?
Well, anyway, it was also unusual for me as it was my first time ever to taste burgoo.  He was following up tradition and using up the last of winter stores with venison, squirrel and rabbit.  It was quite tasty and the wee cousins, played and played.

So nice that Bean willingly takes such good care of the little ones, like helping Giddy-up with his shoes.

Then playing some baseball.

A lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Big Day for a Small Fry

Whoo wee, it is Friday and I am whooped, but I want to record a bit of Giddy-up's big day at my school.  Since discovering Calvin and Hobbs he's been wanting to go to school.  I like for them to see where I work and for people I work with to see them.  I asked the principal and the pre-school teacher and everyone was agreeable. Today was the big day.
He came to visit yesterday evening and had a big fun time with Bean and Bugg.  He spent the night and I knew it was time to get him up when, mimicking my outdoor critters, I heard crowing over the baby monitor.
I had his breakfast on the table and he happily questioned, " Oh, blueberries for breakfast?"  "Can I have some?"  He is at that "thrilled with life" stage and I love being around to watch his excitement and enthusiasm.
He also asked me, "Why aren't you at work?"  Crack-up. I reminded him I was going to work and he was going with me.  He walked in my room, looked it all over and said, "This is beautiful."  I love looking through the eyes of a two year old.
Lots of pictures today, so he can go back over the day with his Mama and Papa.
Wow, are all those kids coming in here?
 Time to take a little seat and try my hand at cutting.
 This is my new friend Noah. His mommy and my Gramerly teach together and he helped me out all day.
 Oh, so "E" is for Easter Egg, eh?  More cutting?
 Is that the number 5?
 Wow, we get to play with toys too!

 We are celebrating Dr. Suess this week.
 I am helping my teacher with the story.  She said I was a perfect student all morning.

 Yum, you get to have a snack.
 What's this?  A second snack, a Cat in the Hat?  This is my kind of place. Not only did I meet a room full of 3 and 4 year olds, but these big 3rd graders helped us make our treat.  This was my favorite part and I ate it all.  I charmed the socks right off that 3rd grade teacher. She was so impressed with how well I could follow directions.
 Oh, such sweet teachers to let me come and visit.
 I best give them a big ol' hug!

When preschool was over, he came to spend a few minutes more in my classroom.  It was a very special and good day!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Yep, iced in again. Burrrrrr, so frosty this morning.
So, we've lost a full week of spring break.  Anymore days will eat into summer break.  There will only be six playdates this summer as it is, so I'm hoping this is our last day of winter.
Bean, Bugg and I have begun planning their science projects.
Thursday's playdate explored how far germs fly when we sneeze, and if a barrier makes a difference.

First we filled balloons with confetti.

 You use a pump to blow up the balloon so not get the confetti damp.
 Bugg thought popping the balloon was a bit unnerving and passed the responsibility on to her big brother.
 My, those germs flew seven feet!

My little Giddy-Up wasn't so sure about all that popping, but he needed some safety glasses and enjoyed playing volleyball with the balloons.

Next, we created a barrier and recreated the experience.

The barrier stopped almost all the germs.
Next, some different kind of bubble fun.

Ol' Mother Hubbard celebrated her birthday this week. She's long wanted a donkey at the farm, so I indulged her daydream with some donkey shortbread and a great resource. Can I say there is no end of fun to be had with this birthday theme.
A more special birthday lunch was in the works for yesterday at Aunt SuZQ's, but we were iced out.
Prayers today for Ol' Mother Hubbard's family as her husband's mother is spending her last earthly days  with them.  Auntie GLou has been one of her caretakers for some time.  Sad.

I've read this weekend away, spent
some time on a devotional I need to share at a Spring Tea next Saturday. Today I need to get moving and pack away every last snowman and get some spring stuff springing up around here!