Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hope I Remembered Everything

The bees are here. We pick them up today. Last evening I put the final touches on the hives so I hope I have everything ready.
This is our top bar hive.  Can you see where a different bar (oak) runs down the middle of the pine? That's where the bee will build the comb.  Ideally, you want it straight down each comb, so I rubbed the first few with beeswax to try and encourage correct building.  Then I have to check this hive every other day to be sure there are not any cross combs, which can cause a big mess.
Next I numbered and dated each bar.  
 I also wrote the date on the Langstroth hive frames. This hive contains the premade comb foundations and need to be replaced at least every three years. Also, the comb needs to always be put back the same way it came out.

Due to this frosty winter, there isn't a lot blooming right now so I will have to feed the bees for awhile.

 I was excited to learn that the tulip poplar and willow family provide lots of early pollen and they'll soon find both of those right out their front door.

Tulip Poplar


 Over the weekend, I practiced with the smoker and gathered fuel and a dry place to store it.
Now we just need bees.  I'm a little anxious about transferring 10,000 bees and the queen mum to the hives.  Exciting stuff- stay tuned.


  1. I have to admit I would be nervous about trying to raise them but I'm excited to watch you do it! We certainly need more bees! My fingers are crossed for you!