Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Little Bit of This A Little Bit of That

It's official, I'm off. My hands and feet are both black and it will take a long soak, a stiff brush and maybe some bleach to fix that.  I don't need it fixed.
We've certainly experienced interesting weather these first few days of my summer.  Blue skies, sunshine, then in blows a dark cloud and we have a bit of slow and steady rain, then out it blows.  Lovely really. We make hay while the sun shines. Then take a break. Currently I'm rereading Adriana Trigiani's Big Stone Gap series, again.  I fall tumble bumble, pall mall, roly poly, right into big Stone Gap.  I laugh, cry, ponder and sigh.  My absolute favorite kind of place to lose myself in a soft summer rain.  Whether seeds or plants, they get settled and comfortable before the sun makes another appearance and sends me back to the dirt or a Gramerling, whichever comes first.
Though official summer playdates don't start till this week, Giddy-up paid us an early visit this past Thursday.
He is at such a fun age.  Basically, I just follow him over hill and dale and join in whatever fun he creates.  He never forgets a thing and wanted to go up to the park behind the school at our house.  He climbed the stairs,  but looked with caution at a section of equipment that was missing way up high, where big kids can just step out and slide down the fire pole.  I told him he was very wise to exercise caution, because that was a dangerous spot for someone so small.  He told me how wise he was for every other thing he did on the playground.  When he had played on every playground, gathered the eggs, looked at the bees and tried five different treats, we was exhausted and ready for a nap.
He and his Mama had hardly pulled away before Bugg and Bean pulled in.  They also had a list of things to do in the tree fort and the creek.  Bugg helped me get the little chickies out to enjoy some sunshine. I'm endlessly fascinated by instinct.  These new chicks have never known anything but a wire bottom brooder, but as soon as they saw these boxes of dusting material, they jumped right in for their dust bath.

Have mercy, Bean and Bugg are so big.
When the Handy Man first built this chicken tractor four years ago, I could put most of the kids in it on Playdates.  Land's, they completely fill one end.  Where does the time go?

Well, we hadn't been in the creek for awhile, so it was time for  a little catch and release.  Strider, of course, needed to come along to protect us.
 Lot's of squeals and joy at finding minnows, crawdads, and umm, what's this-

Uh, huh, that's what I thought you had there-

Always thankful for this never ending source of entertainment.

Before dinner Great Uncle Tim arrived with Swee-Tea.  Bean had to go to batting practice and the girls played and played and played.

Love me some summertime.

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  1. The girls look so beautiful in their dresses! It is amazing how fast they grow. You are going to have a wonderful summer!