Sunday, June 30, 2013


Saturday morning early found the Handy Man and I perusing the Farmer's Market.  This week's haul included both orange and red beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, blackberries, blueberries and a Boy!  We met Rae at the Market and brought the Boy home for a Pirate Playdate with Gramerly.
When Bean and Ol' Henry were tiniest boys, I brought them home a new toy every other week.  Since then, I haven't needed to buy much else, with exception to dress-up and princessy stuff because Bugg wanted to do whatever Bean was doing.
  I loved the themes though.  If it was Davy Crockett, then I felt the need to supply him with every single item and experience that would support our pioneer adventures.
I was a little concerned, because Giddy-up is very attached to his Mama, and I really wasn't sure how he would do without her all day.
Hmmm, bribes are always good, huh?  He gets some minimal screen time now that he's two.  I have a no electronics policy for our regular Playdate.  Since he likes shows, I asked the Mama if I could get him a DVD of Disney/Fisher Price's Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  I thought we could title these visits, Just Gramerly and Giddy-up Playdates, so he'd get the message that neither Mama or his beloved cousins would be in attendance.  Also, so if he asked about Jake at our regular Thursday dates, I could explain why Jake would have to wait.  I have this disease of always trying to cover every base, because sad Gramerlings break my heart and there's quite enough heartbreak in the world already.  I drive myself crazy with this mission, but I digress.
Surely your surprised to know, that in addition to the DVD's, I needed to get that cutest Fisher Price ship with the cannon balls that really shoot, and a funny crocodile that pops out the side.  What's a ship without mateys, so an extra Jake along with Cubby and Izzy found it's way in  the ol' Amazon basket.  Then, that 30 percent off coupon at Kohl's provided Jake underpants for a potty-training Boy and then there was this adorable Jake shirt.   Laws, I'm a danger to myself when a theme gets rolling.
We pulled away from the Market with a teary little two year old, but within a minute he was smiling and I was able to assure Mama,  in a text, that all was well.

As soon as he came in, he found the boat and was very impressed, so I asked if would like to see a show about that boat.  I was able to witness his comatose stare Rae has mentioned. Even in this state, he was able to take nourishment. While his most of his body didn't so much as twitch, one hand was able to find it's way from the blueberry bowl to his mouth until said bowl was empty.   After the show, we played with the ship for quite sometime and then it was time to go outside.
We wound our way into the big creek where we spent nearly two hours throwing rocks.  Pappy had to get on his creek boots and join us, because you know three people throwing rocks is more fun than two.  Bean loved this activity as well, especially the big rocks. I would take a bucket and collect him bucket after bucket of rocks. I wondered to Pappy how many rocks I've picked up in this ol' creek.  I told Giddy-up that the plop of big rocks sounded like a bull frog and he thought that was the funniest thing he'd ever heard and laughed at every bull frog plop.
After lunch he said it was time to go upstairs, and to get Pingoo (the penguin) and his blankees.  I did, and up we went. I put him in bed, he laid down, I covered him up and that was that.  About an hour and fifteen minutes later I heard over the monitor, "Gramerly, where are you?"
After much stickering, we headed back downstairs for some cooking time.  I have a mixer, blender and coffee pot.  The mixer really mixes and the blender blends, whilst the coffee percolates.  Some flour, rice and multi-colored sprinkles make for a fun time.

 For half the time he was  interested in the measuring and mixing, but the last half hour he was most intrigued by how all those moving parts worked and spent lots of time experimenting with on/off, both the buttons, the beaters and how it felt against his fingers.

About six years ago, Gardener E parted with her big Ferdinand book that I read over and over again to Bean.  I still hear that tiny voice responding to "He liked to sit just quietly and...." with "'Mell the towers"(smell the flowers).  Squeezes my heart every time. Giddy-up enjoyed the story as well.
Cars and tea pots rounded out a very full and lovely afternoon.  He referenced Mama in his play a few times and once said, "Mama, I like her. Sweet." He has such an amazing vocabulary and a delicious laugh. I could eat him up.
Playdate is important to me. It really is a lot of work and sometimes tense in it's own way, you know, constantly counting heads and trying to do everything each one wants to do. Still, I want these summer days of play with cousins and friends and their Gramerly imprinted on their hearts and mind. But I love, love, love these one on one hours.  There aren't enough of these times, but when they come I try to be very present.  I am hopeful and prayerful,  that soon Rae will get a call that her new baby is here, or on her way and then there will be two and brand new experiences.  Perhaps I better see if the princess stuff is stocked up, you know, just in case.


  1. Who could blame you for getting all those wonderful supplies? Sounds like the best kind of day ever! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Your little grandchildren are very lucky.

  3. You are so right. Play times with all the grands are crazy, chaotic fun, but those one-on-one times are extra special.