Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm a Rock Star

Today was my last official summer obligation.  Well, there's Playdates, of course, but I don't count those.  For about ten years the Sunnyside Master Gardner's have hosted a Kid's Garden. The Optimist Club had place for some raised beds.  Each Monday through the summer, the kids learn all about plants, actually plant, care for, and harvest their own little garden.
 These gardens put mine to shame.
 The first part of the morning the kids spend in their garden, weeding, picking, watering, or whatever needs doing.
 The second part of the morning is spent in the classroom learning all kind of things about plant life.
 Membership in Master Gardening is based on volunteering so many hours in educating the community on good gardening practices. I would say there were twelve or fifteen adults there with helping hands for the class of 24.  20 kiddos came today.  I've been involved off and on with this group and the Kid's Garden for many years.  The leader asked if I would teach on the subject of ecology.
We discussed recycling, reducing and reusing. I brought the bunny boys and we talked about what a great garden additive the bunny poop can be. As you might guess, I read a good book about a great old tree.
The kidlets rotated through three centers.  In one, they turned used two liters into bird feeders, one where they reused egg carton and egg shells as little plant pots for the seed they started, and with me they turned shredded paper into a new sheet of paper.
In the big sack of shredded paper I brought from the school office, some bright yellow paper was shredded. Not much compared to the white, but enough produce this lovely neon green color, the kids loved.
 One of adults referred to the slurry as "Cream of Paper"  and it does have the consistency of Cream of Wheat. Though lots of, "Ooohhh," and "Gross,"comments were heard, they couldn't wait to get their hands in the mix.
 You might observe that these are adult hands. They couldn't wait either.
It's such a great group of people and so many are so faithful to this project, but by their own admission their experience lies in gardening, not so much in teaching children.   
So, for the Rock Star business, the adults about waylaid me when class was over to wax eloquent about my lesson and went on, and on, and on.  I haven't had a lot of experience being the Rock Star, but it was very nice to feel so appreciated.  I sometimes forget that what comes almost as naturally to me as breathing, just doesn't come so easy to everyone.  I know it's a God given gift and I'm thankful for it so I won't let my head grow too large, but it was rather a delightful way to begin the week.


  1. appreciation goes a long way. glad you got yours! ;-)

  2. It is wonderful that you get to be a recognized Rock Star doing something you love! Those are some lucky children.