Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Too Much Week and only Tuesday

Wow, I am worn completely out.  My old Honda Passport had been acting weird for a few weeks.  The problem is actually that it isn't a Honda at all, but a faux Honda and a poor one at that.  When SUV's became all the rage and Honda didn't have one in 2001, it slapped a Rodeo Isuzu engine in a model and stuck it's name on it.  My old van died in the middle of a hectic semester. I had wanted to get a CRV, but needed to get out of school and get a full time job first, however I had to have a car immediately.  So, my sister's friend works for a local auto place and I went to see him. There sat the Passport, looking perfect and well taken care, just a few years old and 50 something thousand miles- sold!
I didn't find out that it was in no way a Honda until it needed repairs about fifteen  minutes after I bought it and did a search on the model. Surprise.
Actually, it hasn't been horrible, as I don't put many miles on a car.  I've had it for nine years but it only has 106 thousand miles. Part of it is reading about how horrible Rodeo's are and fretting. After the first fifteen minutes deal (well, it might have been a month or two),  two years ago it had to have work, with a list of other things that needed doing. After that, Handy Man spent about $300 to replace some coils. Of late, it was making an unusual noise and once again being sluggish out of the gate.
Anywhoo, I took it to see a friend who works on cars and he wasn't able to diagnose the problem.
I decided I try my sister's friend who still works where I bought it. He said to bring it in and he'd have someone take a look.
Handy Man  and I headed to Jeffersonville as soon as he got off work. We were two blocks from the place, stopped at a red light. Well, I was, and Handy Man was stopped as well- imagine.  All this time I thought that is what a red light meant. The chickie flying down the road behind him however had no intention of stopping at that light, or the two cars sitting at said light.  Crunch!
She hit him and he hit me.  I'm guessing his truck is totaled. His is older than mine.  Mine just got scruffed. We were able to drive the two blocks to the lot. Interestingly enough, the friend now works in the collision department- go figure.
So, pray we don't have any long term damage to our old bodies, that my car can be fixed, and that we make a good decision about his new ride.
In the meanwhile, I'm teaching a cooking camp.  Eighteen in the first class, in a too small space, fifteen in the second.  It's very different than teaching in a regular classroom setting. I always have five go-to things in my classroom, so I can just take a few at a time for a project.  Well, two more days and several very sweet children.  About there.  Hopefully this evening I will be able to sleep.

An overflowing herb garden-
A son with an extra car (in background)
 The beginnings of a fairy garden-
 What I hope are hyssop starts in the uppity bee garden-
And songs that lift my spirits when they are dragging.


  1. oh shit!!!! Im so glad it wasn't worse and you guys feel ok!

  2. OH! I am so sorry about your vehicles! Keeping really good thoughts that it all comes out favorably.