Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yes, A First for Me

Today was the last official teacher day with three, oh my, three professional developments, and I did something I've never done before.  I signed my contract for next year, signed off on my evaluation and closed the door- done, finished, over.
Report cards- done
Permanent records- done
Everything off the floor- done
done, done and more done!
Usually I have to be there putzing at something for days after the official days are over.  When people comment about teacher's having all summer off, I have to laugh.  I've never known having a whole summer off.  I suppose I never will.
After my wonderful parent/student send-off on Friday, today  left me a bit down.
The only thing that every comes up in my evaluation is my room.  Though it notes that the students are completely at ease, know where everything is, and are right at home, it is too cluttered for the powers that be.   What's so interesting about that is how hard I work to make it not cluttered. I'm just no good at it- a dismal failure I fear. Also, my whole teaching persona is about providing a structure with room to pop out all over.  Take those last animals we made.  I could say, "We're going to make gorillas and here is three kinds of yarn, period, the end."  I can't do it.  It could be a gorilla, a lion, a baboon, an orangutan,  a lion monkey, or a snow monkey, and if you have a another idea, let's here it.  Gardner E or I will be going to fetch the  yarn for your good idea and, in fact, applaud you for it.   If each of those require a minimum of four skeins of yarn, well, you do the math. That's a lot of balls of yarn.  In addition there are twenty-two weaving boards, embroidery needles, and for a time it is all out on the one table I have for such things.  You are probably shaking your head, wondering why it might be a problem.  This particular project is very involved, still, I had a kid finish in less than two weeks. Most of the kids finished over four weeks, but two never finished over many weeks.  I simply am not capable of leaving that first Speedy Gonzales with time on his hands, so next project.  The next project was tetrahedron kites that require string, straws, rubber cement, cardboard templates and tissue paper.  To further complicate matters, they are also doing the musical, bringing in props and costumes left and right, working on their state project, and making cards with unlimited use of construction paper, etc. for whomever we love that is sick or in need of a card.  Well, that likely gives you the general idea.  
I guess it makes me sad because I can't fix it.
Well, anyway, I'll think of that another day.
Today, I'm going to think about all the days I have to spend with this little sweet boy and his "hooter."


  1. That sweet little face would brighten any day.

    As for your classroom being cluttered -- don't change. You seem to be such an amazing teacher and you have obviously impacted so many children and their parents -- don't change. OK, so if you classroom is cluttered -- not every classroom will be the same. Not every teacher will be the same and children need to learn to deal with all of it. There is a 2nd grade teacher at Amara's school who is known for having a cluttered and messy classroom and she was one of Amara's best and favorite teachers. One of the other Mom's had her daughter switched to another class -- and was really sorry for it. Don't change! (sorry for getting on my soapbox -- I hate judgmental people!)

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I don't know if I could change if I wanted to. Get on your soapbox anytime.