Friday, June 21, 2013

Low Population

Giddy-up was the first to arrive yesterday, and also the first to leave.  What we hoped were just spring allergies had him feeling more and more dreadful as the morning went on.  He just wasn't up to being playful.  Thankfully, he was able to enjoy the first ripe blueberries of the summer.

Pink eye and out of town guests made for just a few kidlets at a time all day.  It was very warm, but there was always a breeze, so it was a great summer day.
One new little friend visited and just wasn't so sure about all it all.

 We are all loving the tree fort. Whatever you do, shoot, color, cut, paste, it's more fun when you are up in the trees.
My little Brown Eyed Button finally decided I was acceptable and let me hold her all morning. She is the sweetest, tiniest little thing.

Hmm, scissors or my gun, hard choices.
 Last weekend I did some very serious shrub trimming. As I was snipping out those long green sticks it occurred to me that instead of pitching them over the hill, they could become something. Ahh lands, the ever present need to create from my trash is just flatly a nuisance some days.  Can ya'll see the Handy Man shaking his head?  Yeah.  Well, I waited till the grass was mowed and began a little wiki-up in the play yard.  I sent a note out to the big people and told them to bring any scrap ribbon, material, twine, a bread bag, etc. and we would weave our wiki-up throughout the summer.  Baby Boy just fits inside. Now I will have to find a story about a Native American and a wiki-up so I can read to them. So cute.
 We picked lots of mint for perfume sprays and lavender to dry for sachets. We chased chickens, rode in trucks, splashed in the pool, sporting our new do's.

Before clean up for VBS, it was imperative to be sure some new and exciting creature wasn't lurking in warm creek water.
Summer as it should be.

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