Friday, June 14, 2013

Ahhhhh, Well Hello Summertime

So when I left Thursday morning for my last cooking camp class( and last long term obligation for several weeks) at 7 in the morning, it was 84 degrees.  Gee.  Camp turned out to really be a lot of work and I was very glad to be almost done.
Here the ingredients are lined up for 18 children to make one batch of bread that would become one small loaf of cinnamon bread, one plain and one garlic.
While the bread was rising, we made kool-aid playdough.

I hurriedly packed and cleaned and rushed home to get things ready for Playdate, as plans had been neglected in all the needy car, wrecked car, new truck, camp situation.  

I'm never more thankful for technology than after Playdate, when I can look at and remember pictures of our day.
There are always several highlights of the day, so I'll share them here.
Wee Willie paid us another visit.  I fear we are a tribe simply besotted with babies, the lot of us.  Land's, you'd think by now we would have had our fill, but no way.
 Handsome boy.
 Snack and storytime reading of The Paper Princess.  Such wonderful listeners, right down to the two year old.

 It isn't at all unusual to find one or more digging in dirt, so when I wandered on to this scene, I just smiled, until I looked closer and laughed out loud and yelled, "Get the camera."

Diggin' in his white Sunday pumps is a bit unusual and whole lot hysterical.

 Last year Giddy-Up was interested in these cars, but just wanted to sit in them, so he did.  This year, he finally decided to ride in one with an older kidlet, he just sat there with a stoic look on his face. When they stopped he would simply say, "Go," but never cracked a smile.
Yesterday he got in the driver's side and he finally made the connection that it was his ownest little foot that made it go and from then on it was an absolute joy ride for all of us.  That big mulberry grin is precious to me.

I love the way they switch play friends through the day, and share each other's joy- Sweet!


  1. That smile is the SWEETEST! Hope everything is working out on the vehicle front.

  2. Those smiles are just the best! I'm glad you survived cooking camp. What a project!