Saturday, December 1, 2012

Candy, Candy Everywhere

The Gingerbread Party was full and noisy, and colorful and fun.  In all these 26 years, I never really tire of the kiddos enjoying the freedom to eat and decorate however they choose. Aunt Tish brought lots of lovely sugars and special treats, Aunt SuZQ brought her great grands, oh my!
Aunt Lois looks on as Giddy-up is eating yet another piece of candy, thinking surely he's dreaming. All this yummy stuff can't be real.  He walked around all day yelling, "Eat,"  though regular food was not what he was referring to.
This was Sigh-sigh first visit and he was equally enthralled.  I myself am wee bit incredulous, as it only seems like yesterday that his momma was a three year old sitting at my table, decorating a house.
Old faithful, Jakester, comes now just to make his Aunt Kim smile, and it works.

Many moons ago I had the privilege of working with this wonderful teacher.  My gramerlings were just a twinkle in the Captain's eye.  I learned so very much from her about how to teach little children.  How blessed Bean and Bugg have been to both have her for a teacher.  At the time I taught with her, she had a wee boy and I invited them to the party. They've been coming ever since. Her boy is 15 now and quite a bit taller than me.  Missy Bugg adores her.

I told the Handy Man today that in addition to great compost and yummy eggs, these chickie girls sure have provided endless entertainment to my wee folk.
Bean was proud to catch a fluff ball for Missy Antebellie to love on.  That smile is winning isn't it?
Great day. So much play, so much candy, so much leaves, creek, swinging and crafting,  so much fun!


  1. Oh I wish you were closer so that Amara and I could come, too! She would have so much fun decorate with your wee ones and chasing chickens! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time -- and yes, that smile is winning!

  2. I can't believe you did all of this and posted about it! You're amazing.