Monday, November 26, 2012

New Little Ones, Old Traditions

 Post Thanksgiving turkey salad and loaded potato soup.
Setting up the kid friendly nativity.
"Is that my Daddy playing guitar?" Miss Button asks.
 "It is my Daddy."  Gee, she looks so big sitting here, but in reality she is tiny little thing.

Giddy-up thinks an  orange with a peppermint stick is delightful.
 But this Advent Truck, awesome.

Bring on the Gingerbread House Party.


  1. Great pictures. That Advent Truck is really cute and what a great idea for a little boy!

  2. I like your pictures. Another Christmas season begins. The Countdown Card arrived today. Jill had to show me how to set it. I have a picture on my Blog. The card jumped from your blog to mine. Isn't that cool? Merry Christmas season.

  3. Turkey salad and loaded potato soup sound good, too. The new little girl is so cute. How can she be sitting up already??