Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookie Exchange

Another tradition of mine,  that went on for a good number of years, was the annual Christmas cookie exchange.  I would invite 10 to 12 people and, because I wasn't smart enough to come up with a better way, we each made a dozen cookies for each guest.  We'd eat, and taste each other's idea of the best cookie.  Well, if we could stand the thought of ever looking at another cookie again. Then off we'd go into the Christmas season with dozens of different cookies.  It was a double tradition, cause that was the night Handy Man took the kidlets to whatever Christmas movie was out. 
I can't believe how many people I talked into participating in that event.  SuZQ still  cusses some of those recipes she tried, and I imagine when I'm out of earshot, I'm included in the rantings.  
Early on I found a wonderful recipe and I don't believe I ever made any other cookie for those exchanges.   It was from Good Housekeeping magazine. Phil loved them.  But, alas, they kind of fell into the past with the cookie exchange. 
We're having a cookie exchange at school this year. I shared an idea of what I now consider a better way to exchange. Each person brings how ever many they want to bring. All cookies are set in the middle of the table and you walk around choosing a cookie or two from the variety,  until you have as many as you brought.   I'm not exactly sure why I signed up to participate. Wednesday evening was the big musical I co-direct and tonight was Playdate. Just a wild hair I guess.  I started hunting that recipe, only it was no where to be found and even Google failed me at first.  I knew they were called Toffee Bars, but every recipe I found had chocolate. Now you know I have no beef with chocolate, but these bars don't need it.  Finally I thought to search under "old Good Housekeeping recipe toffee bars," and hit the jackpot.  They are as easy and delicious as I remember.
Then, as I was searching, I found a picture of the world's cutest cookie and felt that I had to try it.  Course, I can't be making roll out cookie without everybody big and small making cookies. So we did.
Some serious rolling and cutting going on here.
 After all that serious concentration, it was time for some Pappy lovin's.
 Yes, SuZQ, I'm crazy. This was way too much for one evening. But seriously, this is the cutest cookie/ cup of hot chocolate ever!  I only managed one dozen of these, and perhaps they'll just get to look and no exchanging of these will actually happen. Or maybe I'll bargain and I get three cookies for one of these.
And I am done in. Goodnight!!


  1. Kimberly!!

    Great post! I have your toffee bar recipe from years and years ago. This is stored in the "Keepsake" recipe book that you bought for me while you lived on Shrader! I STILL make them every Christmas! Everyone enjoys those cookies!
    The picture of Phil and the girls is so cute! And of course, the little hot chocolate mug oh my it is adorable! :-)

  2. You did get a lot done in one evening and I love the smiles on the faces of Pappy and the girls! So cute! I'll have to look for that recipe as I LOVE pecans and I see tons of them in your photo! But hot chocolate cookies but wow -- those look like a lot of work!