Monday, December 17, 2012

Ahhh, The Christmas Recital

Would it be Christmas without a dance recital or two?  I wonder how many of these I've attended through the years.  First with my own, and now with the gramerlings.  It's funny how it goes, as, especially with three year olds, my attention is seldom on the kiddo doing everything right, but drawn to the one doing everything wrong, or doing nothing at all.  Somehow it is that kid that steals the show. Take a walk down memory lane and see if you can find Rae.

Fast Forward 25 years or so to "such devoted sisters"
 I wasn't sure how Mr. Cranky Pants Baby Boy would do on stage, but we were all charmed by his fabulous dance moves.
Last week our 2nd through 6th did their musical, so this week it's the itty -bitt's turn.  I always reassure the teachers that it really doesn't matter what they do when they get up there, it will be cute.


  1. Wonderful pictures! I wish Amara was into dance classes so I could go to recitals, too but... I get lot of other good stuff!

  2. Too true! I saw four Christmas programs in two weeks, and only missed #5 because my grandson is ill. But I sat there through all of them with this absurdly huge smile on my face!