Thursday, December 6, 2012


The Captain coming home was such a delight, that when other thoughts tried to ride herd on my spirit of gratefulness this week, I kept returning to the picture of that little red head flying down the hall at the airport.
Now, in spite of myself, my thoughts are moving ahead to yet another good-bye, and again the spring seems very far away. I can't help myself, these questions that go roly poly, pall mall, tumble bumble through my mind.  Why are we still there?  How do folks come to such a state and how is it possible that ten years worth of help hasn't brought them along.  Why does it have to be my kid that has to go?
( I wrote this a week ago. He left Monday and arrived yesterday, without much delays, thank the Lord.)
And on the home front, more questions.  Did you read in the paper about the woman that abandoned the six year old at the store. The store worker literally ran out in the parking lot with the girl and mother ran shouting "Call 911, I don't want her anymore."  Rae, much like her mama, grew up wanting to be a mama more than she wanted anything else.  I watched her through the years with first one little one and then another and I knew she was cut out for that job.  But as happens in this life, things don't go quite like we plan.  If you recall, after a nearly text book perfect natural delivery, Rae nearly died from blood loss.  It is quite possibly the most terrified I've ever been.  While we praised God for that beautiful new boy, with a Mama snatched from death's door, I thought, "Oh no, what now?"  Was this a one time thing?  Can they fix it?  I knew she had carried a life long desire for a big family and I so wanted that for her. It turns out they can't fix her problem and since they can't, they advised her to find a different way of becoming Ol' Mother Hubbard II.  Rae was broken hearted, and me for her, though I never wanted her to go through that experience again.  She had always entertained the notion of adoption.  She was never concerned by which method a baby arrived in her arms, or what color or ethnicity said baby happened to be, but that right attitude doesn't get you a baby.
 It is a long road.
 She'd been to Ethiopia, but the cost for an overseas adoption was out of the question.  Now, here we are again, at the end of a long nine months of classes, and questions, filling out reams of paper, and more questions, and some interesting situations,  like the drug tests even my 92 year old auntie had to have that should have cost 300, but they ordered the wrong tests and the bill was 1600, or messing up Rae and Aunt Lois's fingerprints, setting things back, and on and on.  Finally, they are in the home stretch to be put on the list.
First, I'd like to ask for your prayers for this sweet family and a precious child to find each other.
Secondly, they are hoping to raise funds for this very expensive endeavor.  Like Handy Man and I, they aren't the salesman sort. We couldn't talk you into a cheap blanket on a zero night.  I've never even tried a  yard sale, I just haul it to the Salvation Army.
They've chosen a coffee fund raising project-

I've already ordered several different kinds of coffee to test for myself.  Probably, if I see you, I'll give you a sample. I ordered on Saturday and the coffee arrived on Thursday.  Both ones we've tried so far yummy.  I love that these owners offer this possibility to adoptive parents. They've adopted themselves and the coffee production and those it benefits are very appealing to me- fair trade, shade grown, practically perfect.
If you are interested, just click on the link and choose a coffee.
Every time you drink a cup, say a prayer for their new baby and a mama somewhere that has a hard decision to make, and know you made my day.
All my coffee drinking people will likely be getting coffee for Christmas. Sorry about the spoiler.

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  1. I sure understand your questioning. I have no answers. Sometimes the world just doesn't make any sense at all.

    I wish them luck with their adoption attempts. It is a long and difficult road but it is wonderful, too that they want to give a home to a child in need. I will keep their link in mind for Christmas shopping. I really have to do that soon!