Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here We Come A Caroling

I love Christmas carols and seldom make it to Thanksgiving without needing to hear a few.  
 For several years I'd teach the kidlets and cousins a few carols and then haul them out to sing for some folks that loved them.
  When my three were wee, we lived in a neighborhood, surrounded by elderly people who adored them. They so loved to hear them sing, and I did too.

I can't tell if this picture of Rae looks more like Giddy-up, or Missy Bugg.
I believe it was snowing and we were having some very wintry weather on this particular Christmas.

Just as I expected, those itty-bits at school this evening were the cutest things ever.  I just don't get weary of three and four year olds in their Christmas get-up.
What is your favorite Christmas Carol?


  1. So cute. Merry Christmas. My two little girls want to go caroling. We may serenade a couple of lucky neighbors :)Shari

  2. What great pictures and even better memories!

    Merry Christmas!