Monday, December 24, 2012

Wow, Much Christmas

This has been a year of unexpected amazing gifty goodness all around!
The day  of the school party brought the biggest pile of the most fabulously wrapped presents I've ever received.  My kiddos and families gifted me with a Keurig Mini beverage maker, in RED!  Plus a ton of drink cups and a karryall tote with my monogram. You know, I don't know that I've ever had my monogram on anything.  Then various other little sweet Christmasy sacks with a variety of gift cards.  Just wow, that's all!
Then, for our Sunday before Christmas Family Party we started with a Skype visit with the Captain. He got up in the middle of the night to pay us a little visit- sweet.

 He sent all of us scarves and wraps. Here is Bean the Bedouin in the scarf his Daddy sent.
Drummer Boy and the two who weren't sick watched and chatted with his brother.
 Then it was time for the Christmas Story.

Next,  Handy Man and I get a box from all the kids.  I knew Ceece had been busy photographing the family at different times, so I am fully expecting some photographic treasure.  There is a white envelope on top and Ceece says, "That is Pap's part."  Now, I really don't get it- pictures, in parts that include a big white envelope.  So I wait, an he looks inside, puts it back, and says, "Well,open it."  At which point Drummer Boy laughingly says, "Do you still not know what it is?"  I didn't and didn't even get how I was supposed to know. So I take off the top layer of paper, and what immediately catches my eye is what looks to be a safari hat.  Hmm, a game of some sort to play with the kids.  Drummer Boy still laughing. Finally, all the pieces start coming together in my post-Christmas teacher brain.

Bees! It is a bee kit for beekeepers!  So very exciting!  I guess it was the actual box it all came in with a big gigantic bee on the side, that Drummer Boy thought was a dead giveaway. Ummm, I never saw it.  I'm glad. I'm usually not a good person at all with surprises, but this was a delightful surprise.

Aunt Lois enjoyed watching the poo-pies with their bounty.

She didn't mind her stocking full of goodies either.

Today was Christmas at my Mom's. Handy Man left early and I came home to the gift he's been secretly working on for months.
My own Fairyland Woodland Home, made just for me. I am so impressed!  All decked out for Christmas with lights and trees and a wee snowman, to join the chickens and a goat.  Our little tree covered with elves is in the background. You can't believe the detail.  A classroom with a board and art supplies. The kids bedroom has an even littler cradle for fairy dolls.  Coat hangers he made from paper clips, and a highchair.

And be still my heart, a rocking chair and cradle.  I can imagine so very many tales I'll weave with the gramerlings as we play in this 1st class fairy resort.  Missy Buttercup is also the recipient of a Fairy Woodland Fortress from her Pap.  The wood was from his own trees, all done by his own hand and most precious to me.
Tomorrow we'll spend the day with Aunt Lois and reflect on the hope tomorrow writes on our hearts and is the greatest gift of all-Jesus.
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  1. Wow! A lot of people love you. What an adorable little house and built with so much love. Merry Christmas to you all. Shari

  2. WOW! You did get a lot of wonderful (well deserved) Christmas love. That Fairyland Home is amazing! What detail -- the swing! Cool!