Friday, June 8, 2012

Well Bust My Bubble

The weather could not have been more delightful for the second summer Playdate.  I am not a quick learner in some areas. I'm always surprised by how completely exhausted I am both mentally and physically at Playdate's end.  Then I peruse the snaps of the day's events and lands, it is no wonder I'm so completely spent.   Anyway, all that to say, too much doing to capture in a single entry, so we'll just focus (at least for today) on a new and fun activity that I loved and plan to use as a beginning school year project in fall,
We made our own bubble wands.
I love a lot of things about Playdate, but perhaps the most is the way so many ages come together for fun, play and smiles.  In the following piks, you'll see ages thirteen months to 92 years enjoying this little project.  Though Giddy-up is too wee to string beads on wire and make a bubble wand, he loved playing with the beads and sticks we wound the wire around.  Beads in a tin pan with sticks makes a lovely sound. 
 Oh my, I love this picture of Antebellie stringing her beads on her wand.

I've never seen such a transformation as I've seen in Baby Boy.  Whilst having spent over a year in Trolldom, he's come through as the dearest little guy ever.  Here  he is showing off his bubble wand to Aunt Lois. Above you see one of his best buds, An-ee helping with the wands.  Later we were playing and pretending about the jungle.  I said something about a ferocious lion and An-ee popped up growling. I told Baby Boy, "There's the most fierce scary girl lion in the jungle."  He said, "She not fierce, she the best girl lion ever."  

Yes, they work!

Ahhh, heading out to the porch to watch the pooch and work on Day 4 of my Psalm study.  I love me some summertime.

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  1. How fun! Amara and I have a bunch of crafts planned for this summer including make beads. We just may have to use those beads to make some bubble wands! I'm going to show here this piks tonight when she comes over. Thanks!