Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tea Please

A Tea Party was requested for last week's Playdate, and of course I obliged.  Earlier in day,  I had given directions to Bean and Bugg of the whereabouts of various kinds of mint around the yard.  They wanted something to feed the bunny boys and they like peppermint.  I see so very many students who are connected to nothing and suffer a great lack of focus. With this in mind, instead of showing them where the mint was, I gave directions for them to follow, as well as descriptions to know the difference.  I have three kinds of mint in three different places.  What started as a snack for the boys, ended up being another affirmation to me of what time for play in nature can do for a child.

If you look closely, you'll see the table Bugg set is covered in those mint leaves she found. She thought they'd be a lovely touch. Next, Bean discovered they tasted much better when sucked on after being wrapped around a sugar cube. 
 I had purchased little lotion type bottles from the Dollar Tree for them to play with in the water table.  They decided to make their own fragrance, bug repellent and hand sanitizers with the leaves and water in the bottles.  They enjoyed their newfound toiletries all day long.

Bean wasn't quite sure he wanted to fully join the party, but he did feel the need to throw back a couple of cups of tea.

Now all perfect teas should be presided by the Queen Mum. No different at Playdate. Servants offered tea, crackers and cheese to her throughout the party.

 What to do during tea time-make a river through the forest.
 I barely had finished telling Mz. Glitzy that I didn't think this plane was such a hot investment before a herd climbed on.
 A trip across my clover filled yard, yielded a bee sting for one of our grown-ups.  This sent my hunters into high gear, who worked at developing tools for bee catching.
No end to the wonder.

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  1. That plane looks like a lot of fun! And what a wonderful tea party. We need to have one of those this summer, too!