Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Melting

Well, we survived our first 100 plus degrees Playdate of Summer 2012, but it looks like it may not be our last.  Aunt Lois is 92 and having her in such heat is a worry, so we took some extra precautions and set up two fans in the rabbit pen, as it was way too hot for bunnies, and to keep them out of reach of tiny fingers.  Baby Giddy-up was not amused and looked for his funny bunny boys all day long.  A cooler of ice water and drinks  were close by and we made sure everyone was drinking a lot. 
 A cool, fun treat from Ceece and Bugg.
                 Bears on the Beach-ha!                                                     

Lots of art. Here the girls are making pictures with glue, that are then covered with salt, then lastly painted with water colors.

 Next some princess frames.
 Best activity on a scorching day, ice. No mess to clean-up as it shortly disappears in the heat.
 Swords for the pirates.
 A sweet friend dropped by with a bucket of plums that were much enjoyed.                                                     
 How many tiny mermaids can one girl carry?
 Loved this little activity. Put together craft sticks, hold together with painters tape, draw or write a message, paint (we used shaving cream paint).  Take it apart and you have a puzzle.

How many balloons does it take to arm 14 children?   Too many.

 Ahhh, it was an interesting Playdate.  I was expecting some out of town company and wanted the pullets that the kids hold and pet out in the little pen for the day, but not the other girls who are quite annoying, ever seeking treats and well, you know, doing what they do a lot of, pooping.  Typically, I don't let them out until late afternoon on Playdates. Yesterday I wrestled the pullet pen out of the coop (you put them in the coop in a separate pen for a time to be seen and heard by the other girls, but where they can't be mistreated as newbies). And set it right beside Arwen's doghouse in the chicken yard, so no critters could get them. Then I have to leave the screen door shut and the trap door open on the screen's door, so the girls can get in and out, but not Yellow Chick Awesome with the tiny new babes.  Anyway, I forgot to close the trap door and when I went out Playdate morning, half of the girls were out.  I tried luring them back in the coop with some scratch and it was a Keystone Cop event with two running in and three out.  Ughhh. Anyway only three managed to ultimately be in the yard. Someone sat the plum bucket on the ground and this particular little missy, named Davy Crockett by Bean years ago, thought she'd gone to heaven.  She decided to join us for snack time.
 The kids made a mud hole by the pool and were unrecognizable by the time supper rolled around.  I got the bath foam and everyone cleaned up, amongst other things, with the foam. I love this picture because my Blue-eyed Boy has taken a very long time to be content with me out of Mommy's sight. Over and over, he just wanted one little handful of foam.
 Not so with my other cherubs.

This look familiar.  This is every Playdate afternoon. I'm jealous.  While I'm wrangling bearded foam monsters, Pap is rocking the new girl.  I love babies and this one is just adorable.  Ahhhh.
Well, the overnighters are up, so off to some more fun, only with the AC this time.


  1. Adorable as always! Hope the intense heat lets up a little.

  2. I love your pictures and it looks like you had so much fun!! The fan idea is brilliant. I'm adding the puzzle idea to the summer craft list for this year. I think Amara would have fun making them for some of her BFFs! And we HAVE to find that bubble foam! Hope you are starting to cool off.

  3. You are really brave to hold a Playdate in the heat. I had two grandgirls on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but we stayed inside most of the time as we were also experiencing 100+ heat. We did water balloons twice and went to the splash park once, but most of the time we had to stay indoors, which I hate.