Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I SPY With My Little Eye

Much garden loveliness and goodness, as I stroll through in the mornings.

Just unfurling with a sleepy hello to the sun.

Ah, 1st Lt.'s favorite garden gem.  I'll be sending him seeds this week in hopes he can grow some for himself.

And for me, this is the Queen Bee of the garden delectables.  I will eat them for breakfast, lunch and supper for a very long time.

And lastly, I spy myself on another grandparenting blog- Grandma's Briefs
A very real  grandma is making plans and adapting over those awful fires in the west.
She refers to her interviews as "grilling."  How appropriate in this week of 100 degree temps.


  1. Nature is so beautiful! Your pictures are wonderful. Hope you don't melt.

  2. I like your garden and checked you out at Grandma's Briefs. Tomatoes are my favorite, too.