Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weddings Abound at Playdate

My brother snatched up a wedding veil someone was parting ways with and brought it to the Gramerly toy box.  Alas, one veil amongst this gaggle of girly geeses was not quite satisfactory.  So I found some net on sale and set about to add a few more to the stash.  They were a big hit. Sometimes they were fairies, sometime princesses and sometimes brides.  Here they are lined up for their bouquets.


 Everyone wanted pink and blue and lavender and white.  Thankfully my hydrangea of many colors accommodated all the requests.

The brides are ready.

Here they've all completed their turn at the fashion show for Aunt Lois, with exception to Miss Linee who needs to add one last turn.
 The heat and humidity were quite dreadful.  It took a couple of hours for them to shed their finery and then it was time to paint.

Miss Swee-Tee arrived late and spent the entire evening in her wedding attire and  really wanted to take it home.

Buttercup wasn't terribly interested in dress up.  Smart girl wanted a swim suit on, then a big swing time in the breeze.

Aunt Lois wanted Giddy-up to have a riding toy.  He loved it.  He was barreling across the yard when he noticed me with the camera, so he stopped, flashed me a big smile and then was off.

I am completely worn to a frazzle.


  1. LOL--your closing comment. I always feel the same way. Love the veils and finery!

  2. I LOVE the picture of them all standing around waiting around for their flowers. :-)

  3. Your day sounds wonderful -- and exhausting! Amara would have loved your day. I'm not sure which she would have loved more - the veils and the fashion show or painting herself and anyone else near by! I may have to try the paint idea this summer.