Monday, June 18, 2012

It Just Doesn't Get Old

Yellow Chick Awesome has been broody for six long weeks.  The first eggs she sat on produced nothing. The big Cluckingham Mystery that has never been solved. There was nothing in the nest, no eggs, not a trace of a shell or a chick. That still hasn't been solved to my satisfaction. She was not deterred, so we slid another set of eggs under her.  I thought they were due on around the 14th or 15th and I came in on the 15th to find her off a nest full of unhatched eggs.  I assumed that another batch of eggs were infertile, though I can't understand how that could be as annoyingly active as our roosters are.  I realized those eggs must be pretty awful by now, so I knew I'd have to get in there and get a mad hen off that nest and physically move her outside every day.  When I came in today, she'd already done me the favor of moving off the nest and was just plunked down on the coop floor, a bit puffed up as broody hens are.  I pulled out the nest box and before I could examine the contents, what did I spy?  A baby chickie.
No, just a minute, two, wait, three baby chickies.  I just can't help but think that is the cutest bit of fluff ever!
I brought in a little cup of food and they wasted no time diving right in.

 I love to watch them disappear under her.  They peck her around the eye to get her attention.
 She raises just a tiny bit.
 And under they go. First one .
 And then another, until all are safe underneath.

 You would never know that all three are nestled beneath her.   I figured she was pretty thirsty as well.  She's a ways from the waterer and I never quite know how she gets them from place to place.  In the beginning especially, she's never let me see how she moves them.  The front edge of the nest box is taller than the babies, so it always makes me wonder.  Anyway, I brought another wee cup of water and she seemed glad to have it.  After she drank about half, she made a chirping sound and out the babies came.  She modeled how to drink and one of them pecked her beak, then stuck their heads right in and started drinking.
Speaking of babies, Rae-rae is finishing up the details before their home study for adoption.  Praying every day for that little baby and the brave girl that makes the decision to let Rae raise her child.  I wish there was a way to tell her how loved and devoted Rae and Michael, Aunt Lois and Pap and I will be to that new little wonder.  I can't help but feel it would ease her mind. We will be anxiously awaiting number seven.


  1. More chicken information than I ever knew. They are lucky little chickens to live at your house. And the baby will be lucky, too. I think it would be a great comfort to the girl to know what a nice family you have.

  2. What a wonderful story! I loved your pictures but the story that went with them was even better! I could just see them learning to drink. I can see why this would never ever get old!

    My fingers are crossed for number 7.