Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Playdate 2012 Opening Games

Dear me, another Playdate is nearly upon me and I've yet to chronicle the opening day events of the first Playdate of summer.   The weather prediction was quite horrific and severe weather was supposed to move in at 1:00 (starting time).  Well-what to do?  One thing I've learned living in the Ohio Valley these many years is that I'm usually sorry if I change plans based on weather, so I didn't.  If something awful blew up, we'd just haul the poo-pies to the dungeon, er, I mean basement. So filling water buckets, pool, etc. continued.
Then Ol' Mother Hubbard pulls up, poor Antebellie hops out and proceeds to be quite sick.  Back in the van she goes, only mildly hysterical at missing out on the day, "I've waited for all year long!"  Ohh, so sad.
Every year we paint shirts.  Can you guess what Baby Boy is holding?

Ceece carved cool designs into potatoes for us to stamp on our summer shirts.  I love Pinterest, not because I visit there much, but because so many other folks do and I no longer have to be the craft queen.

And stamp they did, so far unmolested by the storm.

 My little Giddy-up thinks Playdate is the awesome as Syddie and Bugg took him for a ride.
Good idea filling the new pool Pappy got us.

Still no foul weather, so time for some snacks and a story expertly delivered by Ms. Glitzy.  Until she was interrupted by the most terrorific crack and thump.

The culprit, this old tree that has been hanging out on the side of our creek for, well a way long time.

You've seen this picture many times, only usually it is filled with my gramerlings.  Be still my heart!  A big pause in the story, while we all loudly expressed heartfelt thanks to the heavens and our Good Father for having those precious cherubs snacking round our feet as opposed to being under that old tree.
Well, it wasn't long before the kiddos had to check it out and spent the next hour catching everything they could manage to trap and having a big creek time.
And this girl, with her very blue eye shadow, red shirt,  and missing tooth, well sometimes there are no words.  Her choice of make-up and clothes was an aim to be Raggedy Ann, since I've collected them forever.  So sweet!

They played and played and played, but by six the clouds were collecting in a serious way, so we started the bonfire early and got everyone a dotdog and a toasted marshmallow before the rain began in earnest-poor Pappy.  Still, no real threatening weather, thank the Lord!

All in all, it was a great way to kick off Summer 2012!


  1. She is much cuter than Raggedy Anne but how sweet that she wanted to look like her for you! It sounds like a wonderful day. So did lightning hit the tree or was it just time? Having lived in Michigan to many years -- I know what you mean about letting the weather have any influence on any plans!

  2. Your pictures are precious. These are the moments I want my grandchildren to remember, too. But you are more organized and have such a beautiful setting there. I suspect the fallen tree will be a new destination to play now that it is safely down.

  3. So glad that the weather was accommodating. Looks like everyone had a mah-velous time!