Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Creek Treasures

It doesn't seem to matter if you aren't quite two, or leading the pack in years, tad-frogs never seem to fail to captivate an audience.  I imagine this little guy heaved a big sigh of relief when released back into his creeky home.

Of course, other things are equally as important on Playdates as Mr. Tad-frog.
Some time has to be spent at the easel.

 If your less than six months you need to stare at the Geo  Gramerly shirt she's worn to entertain every grandchild and Playdate baby for years now.  She keeps expecting it to come out of the washer in pieces.

 And you cannot leave without holding your favorite Chickie Baby Sunshine.

 Everyone is interested to see what's happening in that bluebird box.
And so ends another Playdate.


  1. You made me remember back to my days when I would catch tadpoles! WONDERFUL pictures!

  2. The pictures ARE wonderful. I feel transported there. The children are precious and I envy you that awesome creek.

  3. Replies
    1. I have a bluebird house in my side yard that I refer to as the bluebird box. During incubation and early hatching I remove it to show the kiddos what is happening inside.